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How do you measure patient experience?

Patient satisfaction is becoming a leading driver in the success of healthcare organizations nationwide. Doctors who deliver a positive patient experience yield positive reviews. Good reviews build a good reputation in the community. Good reputations lead to new and returning patients. New and returning patients keep a practice in business.

To continuously improve the patient experience, practices must consistently measure key indicators and act on those insights. The MedStatix Patient Experience Platform, an Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) certified application, can help practices measure and monitor the patient experience to achieve the best outcomes.

Patients are automatically sent a survey the morning after a visit via email or SMS text and standardized patient feedback is sent directly to the practice’s inbox in easy-to-interpret reports. MedStatix believes patient surveys are the best-known indicators of patient experience and satisfaction.

Small changes to improve the patient experience

Susquehanna Valley Womens’ Health Care Group (SVWHCG) began using the MedStatix platform and patient data to pinpoint areas for improvement and make organizational changes to enhance the patient experience. MedStatix helped the group gather useful data with precise questions and then distill that data with coherent analysis.

SVWHCG discovered that patient perceptions about whether they had enough time with providers was based on the quality of time spent, rather than the length of time. Instead of increasing the actual time spent with each patient, SVWHCG focused on making sure providers answered all of the patients’ questions before letting them walk out the door.

This simple change helped SVWHCG improve patients’ perception on whether they had enough time with their provider by 5%. That simple change was also a valuable way to open communication and engage the patient.

Open communication and doctor awareness

Lancaster Urology (LU), a growing specialty practice, began using MedStatix in 2013 to keep pace with the healthcare industry’s rapid changes.

The platform helps develop a new focus on patient feedback and satisfaction that led the practice to incorporate several philosophies into its work ethic and hiring practices to ensure it’s providing the best care possible. LU’s MedStatix data shows that provider communication scores and doctor awareness of other care patients received consistently improved.

As LU focuses on meeting patient satisfaction benchmarks, MedStatix’ data delivers insights that power simple changes that can make all the difference. LU achieved a 31% survey completion rate, exceeding the average completion rate of 24%. LU can now communicate with patients in detail about every treatment option.

Providers who use the MedStatix platform consistently see improvements in the areas of customer loyalty, ratings, recommendations, and key patient indexes. Evaluating and taking action on patient experience data is universally beneficial for both providers and practices.

Interested in learning more about how the MedStatix Patient Experience platform can improve patient satisfaction? Register for the upcoming webinar on October 25 at 1 p.m. ET.

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