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8 reasons Allscripts clinicians love health IT

U.S. National Health IT Week (NHIT Week) focuses on awareness and catalyzing actionable change within healthcare through the application of information and technology. The week-long celebration demonstrates the power of health IT and its capacity for transformation.

Clinicians who have used the solutions – and who have been involved in the design and development processes – can offer interesting perspectives on what makes this industry unique. Eight Allscripts clinicians shared their reasons for why they choose (and love) health IT:

1. “I love the people I work with because of their passion for healthcare. I love connecting with our clients clinically and helping them use our technology to benefit patients.” – Medical Director, Clinical Analytics David Hurwitz, M.D., FACP

2. “I always wanted to be a nurse when I was young and help take care of patients at their sickest. I’m inspired by making things easier for clinicians and improving their lives, so they can focus on patients and improving their experience.” – User Experience Clinician Carin Mann, RN

3. “I have a love of data and digging through it to demonstrate that our doctors are out there giving the best care they can. Tracking patients over time is where you start to discover insights around disease patterns and understand what helps people remain healthy.” – Analytics Chief Medical Officer Fatima Paruk, M.D., MPH

4. “Healthcare is a calling…It’s not just about that moment in the hospital at the bedside, but it’s that empathy and that perspective to care for the patient through that next transition. Technology should be tool in that, certainly not a barrier.” – Client Delivery Organization Catherine Costa, RN, MTM, AVP

5. “I’m inspired by change, trying to make an impact and making our technology easier for physicians and pharmacists to use.” – Clinical Pharmacist, EM Utilization Tom Pasquariello, PharmD, BCPS, BCMAS

6. “I love hearing our clients’ amazing stories and the outcomes they’ve achieved with our solutions. The use of sophisticated clinical decision support and population health management solutions ensures that EHRs are working away silently to save lives and help people live longer.” – Associate CMIO Salman Naqvi, M.D. MPH

7. “Health IT provides us with an exceptional opportunity to achieve healthcare’s Quadruple Aim by empowering clinicians to deliver safe, high-quality, cost-effective, and compassionate care to achieve superior health outcomes for our patients.” – Director, Patient Safety Geoff Caplea, M.D., MBA

8. “My passion for helping people is at the core of everything I do and that inspires me working in health IT. As a doctor, I’m looking for ways to improve health outcomes and leverage healthcare technology to take care of patients more effectively and safely.” – Medical Director, Population Health and Analytics Michael Blackman, MD, MBA

The fight to improve health IT starts with dedicated people. We are proud to have clinicians on our team who constantly strive to make a difference for organizations and patients. The quality of their contributions, and their commitment to help our clients deliver the best care possible, are incredibly valuable.

These are just a few reasons why our clinicians love what they do. What inspires you? #IHeartHealthIT

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