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5 key benefits of managed IT services

At Allscripts, we understand that it takes teamwork to transform healthcare. By working with our clients to offer skilled professionals, best practices and proven technology, our clients are accomplishing some great things.

From saving money to improving the patient experience, five clients share some of the positive outcomes they’ve achieved, including:

1. Saving money and reducing costs

WhidbeyHealth Medical Center (Coupeville, Washington, U.S.A.) uses a different electronic health record, but has worked with Allscripts Managed services to save $800,000 by reducing the cost of renegotiating and managing service agreements through a remote hosted solution.

“Allscripts Managed IT Services helped us save money by wringing out inefficiencies in our systems, and has created a more positive workplace culture,” CEO Geri Forbes said. “Allscripts is helping us find ways to help stretch our dollars. When I started at WhidbeyHealth, we were in the red. We have been in the black for the last 18 months; our partnership with Managed IT Services has been a big contributor to that success.”

2. Customizing solutions for a perfect fit

Customizing solutions can improve engagement and better meet the needs of specific patient populations. Close collaboration between clinical and IT teams is necessary to determine a hospital’s problems and facilitate solutions.

Saint Anthony Hospital (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A) prioritizes working with a partner that can customize technology to meet the needs of its underserved patient population.

“The Allscripts Managed IT Services team has been most helpful in aligning with my division strategies to continue to strive to excel in community-focused healthcare at Saint Anthony Hospital,” Senior Vice President, Mission and Community Development James A. Sifuentes said.

3. Improving the clinician experience

Clinicians appreciate customized templates and improved readability of patient transfer documents. Saint Anthony Hospital increased the number of patients discharged before 11 a.m. from 3% to 20% in six months due to new templates. Outsourcing a help desk service enabled more timely, prioritized responses to requests from more than 300 users.

“I have been most impressed by the Managed IT Services team’s depth of knowledge regarding Paragon,” Physician Champion Dr. Harveen Soodan, M.D., said. “The team is accessible and committed to providing an efficient and pleasant experience for all those involved – from patients to nursing to ancillary staff to physicians.”

4. Driving innovation

Springhill Medical Center (Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.) understands that innovation is key to maintaining its competitive advantage. It has been the first in its community to use several cutting-edge technologies, according to Chief Information Officer Mark Kilborn.

“Springhill was also the first hospital, back in 2004, to raise its hand when only 5% of hospitals were on the electronic health record,” he said in a recent Healthcare IT New article.

Partnering with Allscripts through Managed Services, Springhill achieved the highest level of achievement in HIMSS EMRAM® in 2015. “You’ve got to be proactive in this day and age, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but proactive in staying ahead of everybody else,” Kilborn said.

5. Collaborating for better patient outcomes

Allscripts physicians conduct a deep-dive into the hospital’s user interface to uncover underlying issues. Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center (RMC) clinicians appreciated working with an expert who could understand their pain points and address them with more optimal workflows.

“At the end of the day, IT can train physicians on using a program, but having a peer who works with them on the best way to utilize the system is much more effective when it comes to physician adoption,” Chief Information Officer Pete Furlow said.

The time patients wait for admission from the emergency room has dropped 16% within eight months. The time to discharge patients has dropped 25% within eight months. This services engagement has been so successful on the main RMC campus that it will expand to another RMC hospital as it implements Paragon® EHR.

There are many benefits of partnering with a team to transform healthcare. With Allscripts client services, you get service as unique as your organization. To learn more about our services, visit our website.  

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  1. Braden Martin 09/09/2019

    This is a great blog post, thanks for sharing this information up here. MSPs can be used by businesses of any kind, including clinics and big hospitals. Thanks for highlighting that, as some novices are unaware of this fact. Data is sensitive to such premises thus, MSPs are essential for safeguarding and backing them up.

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