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7 engaging podcasts from Allscripts On Call

About a year ago we launched Allscripts On Call, the podcast healthcare leaders turn to for the latest news, changes and emerging strategies. Each episode highlights key challenges facing healthcare and turns to industry leaders to discuss navigating these for maximum success.

Audience reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and listenership continues to grow. If you want to hear more from the industry’s top thought leaders, start with this list of seven popular episodes that cover a variety of topics.

1. Coordinating Care Across the Patient Journey  

As populations age and live longer, there’s a growing need to coordinate post-acute healthcare services that help patients heal – and prevent hospital readmission. Careport founder Dr. Lissy Hu discusses how effective care coordination and bundled payment systems keep caregivers and patients informed across care episodes and on track for full recovery.

2. Applying Genomics with Health IT  

Information on genomics and genetics is more plentiful than ever. But what does this information mean, and how is it used at the point of care? Dr. Joel Diamond (CMO, 2bPrecise) describes how information technology is changing the genomic approach of researchers, clinicians and patients alike.

3. Healthcare in the Cloud  

Today’s consumers exist in a world of cloud-based services. As patients become consumers themselves, healthcare must deliver the service they’re used to experiencing. In this episode, Allscripts Client Delivery Leader Lisa Khorey speaks to healthcare’s upcoming shift to the cloud and its benefits to both patients and providers.

4. What Caused the Opioid Crisis?

In this start to our series on opioids, Dr. Michael Blackman discusses the trends and history that created the crisis situation today, what it looks like for individual clinicians, and how to manage prescriptions appropriately.

4. Blockchain 101  

Blockchain begins with the basics. In this episode, recorded at HIMSS 2018, COO of Hashed Health COO Corey Todaro gives a brief primer on exactly what blockchain is and how organizations are already using it in healthcare.

6. Creating a Culture of Innovation  

As tech advances, new healthcare challenges arise along with new solutions. Allscripts innovation leaders Tina Joros and Erik Kins discuss how to create a culture of innovation, what resources are available to developers, and what healthcare solutions are on the horizon now.

7. Empowering Patients through Tech  

As patients discover more options and tools to engage with their own healthcare through tech, clinicians must evolve to continue supporting and empowering them to make the most informed choices. Clinician and IT expert Dr. Jen Bolduc discusses key barriers and solutions for patients today and how to build the clinical culture that optimizes healthcare decisions for everyone involved.

These are just a few of the podcasts featuring information, insights and innovations that drive change and provoke action. Start listening today to be part of the future of healthcare.

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