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Adding artificial intelligence to speech recognition for more efficient EHR documentation

Physician burnout is a well-documented issue. More than 40% of over 15,500 physicians polled in a recent MedScape study reported experiencing burnout. Three of the top reasons cited in the study related to clerical tasks and the time burden of EHR documentation:

  • Too many bureaucratic tasks (e.g., charting, paperwork) – 56%
  • Spending too many hours at work – 39%
  • Increasing computerization of practice (EHRs) – 24%

This is a significant problem facing hospitals, health networks and medical practices of all sizes and specialties, and Allscripts is committed to designing and integrating with technology that minimizes the clerical burden of EHR documentation.

For example, one solution that has been shown to help ease the burden of EHR documentation is speech recognition, which helps with inputting the narrative of the note and navigating the EHR. But Dr. Chris Russell, a practicing neurologist, realized that technology needs to go beyond dictation to truly help providers.

It needs to intelligently understand the narrative, identify the required structured data elements, ensure terminology is correct and automatically place data into all the appropriate areas of the EHR — without having to manually click through every screen and option.  

SamanthaTM, The EHR Virtual Assistant from NoteSwift, Inc. does exactly that.

With Samantha, Allscripts Professional EHR™ users can enter the entire patient note from a single screen – either by typing or using any speech recognition dictation product. Once the narrative is entered, Samantha’s artificial intelligence goes to work as she:

  • Intelligently parses the narrative and identifies the structured data elements
  • Ensures the terms dictated are entered in the terminology the EHR expects
  • Assigns required ICD-10, SNOMED, CPT, and other codes automatically
  • Provides a means for the user to confirm or correct any ambiguous information, and
  • Transparently inputs data, codes and check marks in the correct sections of the EHR

Samantha leverages the Allscripts Open platform to seamlessly integrate with Professional EHR, and to support any existing templates, order sets or workflows a practice may already have in place.

Samantha’s A.I. technology makes entering all the contents of the note as easy as writing it down on paper or using a dictation recorder, automatically capturing all the structure, codes and special formatting elements required in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Watch this short video to see Samantha complete an entire patient note in Professional EHR.

Want to learn more about Samantha? Register for our App of the Month webinar on Wednesday, May 30 at 1 p.m. EDT to see a live demonstration of Samantha, and to hear first-hand from NoteSwift Founder Dr. Chris Russell about his vision and the impact Samantha has had on his own practice.

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