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ICYMI: 6 client success stories in the news

Our clients are doing incredibly impressive work. By sharing their successes – on our blog or through case studies – we celebrate these achievements and share best practices throughout our connected community of health.

People across healthcare are taking notice. Several industry-leading publications have featured our clients recently, including these stories from the first quarter of 2018:

1) A look inside the patient safety work Phoenix Children’s is doing with Allscripts

Healthcare IT News – March 27, 2018. Phoenix Children’s CIO David Higginson and Allscripts CEO Paul Black discuss why patient safety innovation demands attention to human factors.

 2) At University Hospitals in Cleveland, MD and IT Leaders are Making Strides to Reduce Provider Burnout

Healthcare Informatics – March 21, 2018. As a result of this ongoing initiative, UH project leaders have noted a number of improvements—an increase in application response time, a reduction in dictation software issues, and improved screen-flip time.

3) HIMSS Wrap-up: The cloud takes center stage for EHRs

Healthcare Dive – March 15, 2018. Phoenix Children’s CIO David Higginson and Allscripts CEO Paul Black discuss the benefits of being Open.

4) NIH, experts warn healthcare pros to stay vigilant to thwart hackers

Healthcare IT News – March 6, 2018. Leaders from Allscripts, NIH, Albany Medical Center and others offered a sobering look at cyberattack risks, calling for bigger budgets and a security-first culture.

 5) Patient engagement: No longer optional, Part 2

Microsoft Enterprise Health Blog – February 28, 2018. Elan Hekier MD, Chief Medical Information & Innovation Officer, Sharp Rees-Steely Medical Group talks with Dennis Schmuland MD, Chief Health Strategy Officer, Microsoft US Health & Life Sciences about the importance of patient engagement.

6) Holston Medical Group Transforms Teamwork with Modernized HIE

Microsoft Enterprise Health Blog – January 31, 2018. Dr. Dennis Schmuland, Chief Health Strategy Officer, U.S. Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft, has a conversation about what makes a successful HIE with Wesley Combs, CIO Holston Medical Group.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that are turning heads in our industry. Congratulations to these clients, and all of our clients who impress us with their dedication to excellence.

We look forward to continuing to partner with our clients to advance their dedicated efforts to improve care delivery. They are leading the change to smarter care, delivered with greater precision for healthier patients, populations and communities.

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