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Automated point-of-care test results saves time for clinicians

In a busy physician practice, time is the most precious resource – especially time in front of patients. That’s why so many of Allscripts’ most popular developer applications are ones that eliminate time-consuming tasks. 

Relaymed is one of those apps. It connects point-of-care devices directly to the electronic health record (EHR), automating the transmission of test results such as Urinalysis or Complete Blood Counts (CBCs). This reduces unnecessary manual data entry, freeing up staff to focus on caregiving.

In the five years that Relaymed has been part of the Allscripts Developer Program, it has helped clinicians auto-enter more than 150,000 test results which has saved 5,000 hours of time for our clients. This is a proven technology that many of our clients benefit from today, and we’ve once again made them our App of the Month for April to ensure that more practices can learn about and benefit from the advantages of using this solution.

Point-of-care testing is time consuming and presents several other challenges for the practice:

  1. Accuracy – Manual data entry is prone to transcription errors that can have a negative impact on patient care, audits and incentives.
  2. Finding the right fit – Practices might look at a laboratory information system (LIS) to address these issues. However, these systems are built for acute care and aren’t tailored for smaller, primary care settings.
  3. Affordability – These acute systems aren’t sufficiently affordable for physician practices, either. Alternatively, Relaymed is available via monthly subscription plans with no upfront fees. Relaymed has a positive return on investment, as it can help recover both wasted client time and lost test billing revenues of up to 20% for those tests previously not recorded in the EHR. 

Watch this video to see how it works:

Want to learn more about Relaymed? Register for a webinar on Tuesday, April 24 at 1 p.m. Eastern time, and you will hear first-hand from Neil Farish, CEO at Relaymed and Allscripts client, Dr. Phillip Bressoud from University of Louisville Physicians Group.

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  1. Chris Hall 04/25/2018

    Is Relaymed appropriate for data transfer from our small point of care analyzers (I Stat for instance)?

  2. Neil Farish 04/30/2018

    The answer is yes! That’s exactly what Relaymed is for. And yes to the i-STAT. Learn more at

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