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Introducing Avenel, the industry’s first machine learning EHR

Most electronic health records (EHRs) are built on technology that is 20 or 30 years old. Generally, EHRs have kept up with rapid changes in healthcare by making incremental improvements over time. But it is becoming more and more challenging to retrofit EHRs to take full advantage of new innovations – such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and mobility.

Enter Avenel. It’s our mobile-first EHR, built from the ground up on Microsoft Azure cloud. We believe this solution will improve the clinician and patient experience because it offers:

1) Mobility – Gives you what you need, when and where you need it.

Many competitors have released companion mobile applications that offer a subset of the functionality in the EHR. Because the experience is limited, users have begun to dismiss mobile solutions over time.

Avenel offers a new approach to mobility, with 100% of the EHR workflow in the user-friendly environment we’ve come to know and love on our devices. As physicians move from exam room to exam room, the full power of the EHR will be at their fingertips, which means they are better informed and better able to engage directly with patients.

2) Machine Learning – Learns what works best for you for maximum efficiency.

EHRs should do more than store data. They should be smart enough to deliver the right information at the right time at the point of care. They should be smart enough to make you more efficient over time.

Avenel uses Postulate™ machine learning capabilities to learn your treatment patterns. It can pre-populate information based on these patterns and deliver preference reminders. It’s constantly surveilling trends by user, organization and region to create opportunities for more efficiency.

Plus, the power of machine learning surfaces information relevant to the encounter in real time – which helps improve quality and immediate interaction with the patient. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of time spent on documentation, helping address the problems of “EHR fatigue” and physician burnout.  

3) Cloud – Reduces total cost of ownership while improving scalability and security.

The cloud offers many advantages to users. For example, with cloud solutions they don’t have to deal with maintenance, equipment, upgrades and security.

Avenel offers advantages over traditional cloud-based EHRs, which are often a software as a service (SaaS) model. Avenel is “native” to the cloud – meaning we developed it to securely scale and perform better than any other EHR.

4) Data Conversion – Enables seamless transfer of information from legacy EHRs.

Forward-thinking clients who are exploring a move to the cloud may be reluctant to make the switch because they are concerned about converting data. Traditionally, it has been challenging and moving to a new EHR is not easy. But we give users the flexibility to choose Avenel, without the headache of a messy data conversion.

5) Data Sharing – Delivers a single, shared patient record.

Avenel creates a genuine shared patient record across the community. Clinicians and care teams have a 360-view of patients being treated in their community so they are well equipped to make optimal clinical decisions and coordinate with colleagues, no matter the setting or specialty.

There’s no data conversion or complicated mapping; we’ve built a real-time record that all organizations can point to, and still maintain their legal version of a record from it.

6) Comprehensive solution – Integrates practice management and patient engagement

Seamless integration with our cloud version of Allscripts® Practice Management boosts office efficiency and productivity, creating integrated electronic workspaces for appointment and patient flow, collections, claims, denial management and transaction management.

Plus, with the addition of Allscripts FollowMyHealth® patient engagement platform, we succeeded in changing the way people can access their personal health records. Instead of trying to move and reconcile information stored in different databases, FollowMyHealth uses single database.

Early adopters are enthusiastic about Avenel. “We are happy to partner with Allscripts in developing and launching Avenel,” said Kenneth G. Reid, FACHE President/CEO of Carlinville Area Hospital in a recent news release. “Healthcare is changing so fast – and organizations like ours would rather be on the ‘disrupter’ side of the conversation than on the ‘disrupted’ side. Avenel promises to help us stay ahead of the demands of the industry.”

Judging from the reactions to our demonstrations at HIMSS, the industry is excited about Avenel, too. Visit our website to learn more about the solution or request a demo.

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  1. Chinmaya 03/22/2018

    This is really a Game changer for EHR and Caregiver could do wonders with “Avenel”.

  2. Randy Hawkins 03/17/2018

    We’ve hoped for this for years. Thanks for listening. I want to try this.

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