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4 technologies to help manage flu season

Did you get your flu shot? More people are answering “yes” to this question as the flu vaccination coverage rate has risen in the United States.

As we head into fall and winter, when seasonal influenza viruses are most active, providers are encouraging patients six months and older to get vaccinated. Allscripts and our developer partners offer solutions that can help providers efficiently manage flu season, including these:

  1. Phreesia Mobile reduces wait times. When patients complete their intake information prior to their appointments, it can ease congested waiting rooms, which is especially helpful during flu season. One pediatrician office using Phreesia gave 530 flu shots within three hours on a Saturday. A staff member noted, “We have always been efficient, but this year was the best.”
  2. Talksoft reminders boost response rates. To reduce the number of people with gaps in their immunization records, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using vaccination reminders. Talksoft’s Broadcast and Outreach services can deliver texts, calls or emails per the patient’s preference. Talksoft clients who use multi-modal communication for reminders see patient response rates of up to 75%.  
  3. Meducation® delivers clear instructions. Patient handouts about vaccinations are intuitive and simple through this application. It addresses patient populations with limited English proficiency with more than 20 languages available.
  4. Allscripts FollowMyHealth® Telehealth enables convenient care options. When cold and flu symptoms are at their worst, the last thing patients want to do is sit in a busy retail clinic. Email and virtual visits enable quick, thorough care while the patient remains comfortably at home.

The CDC recommends flu shots for most people, and we’re heading into peak season. Be prepared; get your shot and find the technology that can make this season your clinic’s most efficient one yet.

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