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Introducing our new podcast series: Allscripts On Call

We are always looking for new ways to share insights on industry trends, help tell our clients’ stories and introduce new voices to the conversation – all to advance healthcare.

I’m excited to announce our new podcast series, Allscripts On Call. Our first episodes include:

An Open Community: Why Health Organizations Must Care About Interoperability

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Exciting innovations are ahead. Industry thought leaders Tina Joros and Erik Kins discuss staying open, interoperable and connected as our technology shifts. The first episode of Allscripts On Call lays the foundation for learning about the future of healthcare. (Available now – Runtime 10:37)

How Important is Usability?: Creating Platforms that Really Work for Clinicians

User-centric healthcare solutions relieve clinician fatigue, create access to key data and improve quality of care. Gareth Thomas (CIO, Salford Royal) and Ross Teague (Director of Development, Allscripts) discuss user design principles in a clinical setting. (Available the week of September 25 – Runtime 22:34)

Coordinating Care Across the Entire Patient Journey

As our populations age and live longer, there’s a growing need to coordinate post-acute care services to help patients heal and prevent readmission. Careport founder Dr. Lissy Hu describes how caregivers can stay informed to help their patients across all episodes of care. (Available the week of October 9 – Runtime 20:03)

You can listen to our podcast here, or download or subscribe to episodes on iTunes, Google PlayStitcher and TuneIn. We’re eager to receive feedback from our listeners and are already developing our next episodes. If there are topics you’d like Allscripts On Call to address, let us know at


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  1. Bill 10/06/2017

    Just listened to the usability podcast. Lots of jargon, not much hope! How bout answering simpler usability questions like: Why no search function on Allscripts? eg: Why can’t we search “colonoscopy” on patient Smith and locate all colonoscopies? much less expensive and less important technologies (apple tv, for example) incorporate such functionality.

  2. Drew Daniel 12/01/2017

    Hi Bill,

    I work at Emerge and would be happy to demo you our search function. The description of what you are looking for is exactly what ChartScout can provide for you.

    Feel free to reach out to me directly ( or send us a request through the App store as Lindsey mentioned.

  3. Ross Teague 10/10/2017

    Thanks for listening and for the feedback, Bill. Search function is one of many common frustrations for health IT users, and an area we’re always looking at improving. You’ve also given us a good topic idea for future podcasts and/or blog posts.

  4. Lindsey Kramer 11/30/2017

    One of our developer partners offers another option for search capabilities: ChartScout from Emerge ( This app can, for example, locate “colonoscopy” in discrete, free text and scanned documents within seconds of a search. It’s certified for TouchWorks EHR, Professional EHR and soon for Sunrise.

    This is one of nearly 200 options in our Allscripts Application Store ( that can extend the capabilities of your EHR to fit your organization’s needs.

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