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Quality care in a nutshell

As part of the outcomes team at Allscripts, I enjoy the insightful perspectives of our clients. We recently learned more about how Methodist Hospital of Southern California is achieving exceptional performance in patient safety, which included this quote from Chief Medical Officer and Patient Safety Officer Dr. Bala Chandrasekhar:

“Patients essentially want three things from their hospitals: don’t hurt me, heal me and be nice to me. And they want them in that order.”

I love this quote because that is the definition of quality care in a nutshell. For all the complexity that surrounds quality care initiatives, this quote makes it clear where our focus should be.

Methodist Hospital demonstrates how well it understands these core principles, having achieved recognition for outstanding safety and quality. For example, the organization has earned $389,000 in Value-Based Purchasing and a five-star rating from Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) in 2016.

The team at Methodist Hospital uses the Allscripts Sunrise™ platform to put its steadfast focus on patient safety into practice. It has customized the platform with intelligent order sets and Medical Logic Modules (MLMs) to identify situations quickly and trigger events to occur in a timely manner. Just a few examples from a recent case study include:

  • Safer antibiotic use“We’ve had marked improvements, including a 20% decrease in number of days in eight of the top 10 antibiotics…Pricing varies, but we know we’re saving the cost of the medications and the amount of time the clinical staff puts into delivering those doses to patients.” Dr. David Ratto, Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Faster sepsis intervention – “The red alert that shows up in Allscripts Sunrise has helped Methodist reduce our sepsis mortality rate; In most hospitals it’s about 35%, but we are at 20%” Dr. Bala Chandrasekhar
  • Consistency in selecting ventilator settings“Physicians were making their best estimates. But now the MLM calculates it automatically based on the patient’s weight and national standards…it saves a lot of time. The emergency doctors love it the most.” -Dr. David Ratto
  • Medication reconciliation – “To reduce readmissions, hospitals have to get the discharge medications right… (Through Sunrise) If physicians don’t do the medication reconciliation, they can’t submit orders” Dr. Bala Chandrasekhar
  • Integrated, connected care – “Building documentation into more structured fields, and bringing in data from other sources, will enable us to do more comprehensive reporting and analytics around the data that we’re capturing.” Gary Russell, Chief Information Officer

Thanks to the team at Methodist Hospital for sharing its story. To learn more about these outstanding achievements, download this case study.

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