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Clients speak: Why they invest in revenue cycle management solutions

A recent analyst report in Medical Economics expects that revenue cycle management solutions will continue to expand among small physician practices. It estimates that two out of three small practices think it’s worth investing the money in revenue cycle management technology.

There are some obvious benefits from an efficiency perspective. This technology also supports a small practice’s decision to be independent and may help recruit and train younger physicians who have come to expect these systems.

As part of an Allscripts team working with clients to share outcomes, I’ve heard some compelling reasons from clients about the value they find in these solutions, including the following:

“Change is always difficult…But once we started learning about Allscripts Practice Management, we realized it would help us make major changes to our practice to improve patient flow, billing and the collections process.” —Lisa Britt, CMPE, Administrator, The Family Doctors

“Allscripts Practice Management makes it easier to collect the money at check in, assign it where we want it to go and track the revenue…Money’s not floating around the office anymore; it’s collected and posted that same day.” —Tracy Lyons, Practice Manager, The Orthopedic Center

 “We get great reports that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise that really help us with improving the practice.” —Mikie Gonzales, Office Manager, Arbor Family Medicine

 “Allscripts Practice Management helped us find charges we didn’t even know were missing. With that information, and access to other services from Allscripts, we were able to start reducing costs….” —Kelli Nicholas, Practice Administrator, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group

“There are many Allscripts Practice Management features that are time saving…claims follow up, payment posting, scheduling, month-end—everything is faster.” —Lisa Britt, CMPE, Administrator, The Family Doctors

“Professional EHR and Allscripts Practice Management offer many ways to reduce redundancy and manual work for the staff… Automated Collection takes all the manual steps away from our billing office. It has reduced our labor by half.” —Tracy Lyons, Practice Manager, The Orthopedic Center

“What we do is take care of patients’ hearts… When you have experts who can help you with the revenue cycle management piece, it just takes the daily burden off you and helps your practice run a whole lot smoother.” —Kelli Nicholas, Practice Administrator, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group

When maximizing every dollar counts, it’s important to know which investments are returning value. From what these clients have said, that value is expressed in an improved bottom line, in greater office efficiency and most importantly, in the ability to focus on what they do best, taking care of patients. Thanks to these clients for sharing their stories.

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