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Are you a futurist?

Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) 2017, our annual client user conference, will take place August 8 – 10 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., convening clients and experts to lead the change in healthcare. We have lined up several great speakers and world-class education sessions, but there’s one guest speaker title that may be new to you: Futurist.

Garry Golden is an academically trained futurist who helps industry leaders take a disciplined approach to exploring the implications of long-term change. His session, “Tapping Your Inner Futurist,” promises to help us take a fresh perspective on the opportunities ahead for our industry.

What makes a futurist? Researchers have found these forward-looking folks share certain assumptions and values, including:

1.      We live in times that are not a normal part of history, but represent a big transformation.

2.      We include various perspectives, practice unconventional thinking and consider multiple possibilities.

3.      We participate in and collectively own the future.

4.      We shape public policy with long-term consequences in mind.

5.      We focus on individual transformation as an important part of corporate transformation.

6.      We take complexity seriously and believe single-discipline approaches are not effective.

7.      We are motivated by change and want an active role in the future.

8.      We are pragmatists in the present, even while imagining and working toward long-term change.

9.      We make decisions that do not reduce future options, but create a sustainable future.

10.   We continuously hope for a better future.

If you find yourself nodding your head with these core tenets, you’re probably a futurist, too. Find out more about how you can apply this approach to the transformation of healthcare at ACE. Register here.

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