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One-click access to patient education resources

It amazes me how many options we have today to get items we need in a convenient, effective and efficient way. You can choose to walk through a brick-and-mortar store to pick up a prescription, drive through and pick it up from your car, have the pharmacy deliver it to your door or order online and have it shipped overnight. These options ensure you get what you need in a way that works for you. 

When it comes to information about a condition or medication, we should have options for how that content is delivered that is convenient, effective and efficient for us as well. Many patients today are used to finding everything they need on their smartphone or tablet. A generation accustomed to finding health information online — along with financial information and other resources to manage their lives — increasingly prefers instant access to content and shows a growing affinity for video content.

Providers are recognizing this shift and are beginning to use technology to customize educational content to each patient’s specific situation and preferences. But doing so requires an electronic health record (EHR) with the capability to improve the quality and safety of care, engage patients and their families, improve care coordination and maintain privacy. And in the process, it must facilitate effective communication among providers, as well as between providers and their patients.

Allscripts is working with a variety of patient education leaders in the market to ensure providers have options to deliver these materials so patients have options that work for them.  This month, our App of the Month highlights a solution from StayWell to demonstrate this shift in content delivery and highlight the options now available.

The Krames On-Demand Infobutton integration app gives providers one-click access to StayWell’s extensive library of patient education content. This application enables providers to give patients the information they need, when they need it, and in a convenient format.  

The application integrates into Allscripts EHR’s to give healthcare providers instant access to customizable content within their existing workflow and is accessible by different departments and locations within a health system. Infobutton supports new reporting requirements by enabling healthcare providers to:

  • Satisfy government requirements
  • Quickly and easily download educational content that is directly relevant to an individual patient’s situation and needs
  • Customize and brand patient education materials
  • Access clinical and consumer content in a variety of formats, such as printable documents, videos, workbooks, and more
  • Access content from multiple locations within a health system
  • Supplement existing content with custom content
  • Improve and streamline clinical workflows

For more about Krames On-Demand Infobutton, visit the Allscripts Application Store or attend a webinar on Wednesday, May 31.

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