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Behind-the-scenes look at a clinical quality dashboard

Primary care practices are continually challenged to do more with fixed resources. Many are turning to advanced models, such as Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) to improve quality and lower costs.

A recently released National Health Statistics Report noted that there is growing interest in the PCMH model, particularly among larger practices and offices located in metropolitan areas. Compared with their non-PCMH counterparts, PCMH physicians are more likely to use electronic health records (EHRs), have greater access to patient medical records 24 hours per day and report quality measures.

But some large organizations are wrestling with the abundance of quality data. Physicians need new tools to effectively move toward PCMH.

Northwell Health’s Clinical Snapshot

Northwell Health, New York State’s largest healthcare provider, has 21 hospitals and more than 500 outpatient practices. When focusing on providing its internal and family medicine practices with better tools to transition to a PCMH model, it asked several key questions:

·        How can we present data in a clinically optimized way?

·        How can we simplify workflows that support modern care requirements?

·        Is there a better way to use quality metrics data from a single source of truth?

During the HIMSS 2017 AMDIS Physician Executive Leadership conference, we heard from Northwell Health presenters, Strategist and Clinical Provider Vishnoo Charan Reddy Kothapeta, MD, MBA, and Director of Ambulatory Informatics Barry Goetz, MD. They described how they’re supporting rapid transformation into PCMHs, specifically by creating a point-of-care clinical quality dashboard, called Clinical Snapshot.

Northwell worked toward a clinician-focused dashboard, giving clinicians what they need at a glance. By using existing analytics tools, Northwell deployed an application within its Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, using a combination of application programming interfaces (APIs) and web-based application development.

Clinical Snapshot collates data from multiple sources and multiple locations within the EHR and presents it in one, unified view:

That data is normalized in the reporting environment overnight and all quality metrics are then displayed in the EHR dashboard. Evidence-based clinical logic helps highlight missing services, such as annual flu shot or foot exams for diabetics, or abnormal results.

It was an ambitious, challenging project, but Northwell completed it within a few months. Northwell reports that response from the user community to this elegant solution has been overwhelmingly positive.

While Clinical Snapshot is still new, there is preliminary evidence of improved quality and documentation. Northwell is exploring direct ordering and recording results from within the tool and providing similar dashboards to specialty groups.

This dashboard is just one example of how clients are able to extend and scale using an open EHR platform. Building on the flexibility of TouchWorks EHR, Northwell is better able to support the tools its clinicians need to rapidly move to PCMH, improving primary care quality and efficiency.

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