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Top 10 client stories of 2016

Our clients are making a difference every day achieving success in delivering smarter health care. Their stories inspire us and, judging by blog readership, they inspire our readers too.

Each year, we round up the most-shared, most-read client stories on the blog—prime examples of healthcare leaders achieving the vision of creating open and connected communities. Here are the top ten for 2016:

1) Safer medications with closed-loop delivery

Atlantic General Hospital’s (Berlin, Maryland, U.S.A.) efforts to reduce adverse drug events was all about improving patient safety. It is deeply rooted in clinician experiences, such as this one shared by Vice President of Patient Care Colleen Wareing: “I can remember to this day, standing in an ICU 37 years ago…”

2) 4 tips for home care agencies taking on bundled payments

What do bundled-payment models mean for home health agencies? Allscripts client Home Care by Black Stone (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.) is already participating in multiple bundle-based payment plans, and CEO David Tramontana shared several pieces of advice throughout a recent article.

3) Making a difference in The Diabetes Belt

The Mississippi Delta, a region in the American South along the Mississippi River, faces higher rates of diabetes than the rest of the United States. The Delta Health Alliance (Stoneville, Mississippi, U.S.A.) shared how it is using Allscripts solutions to manage diabetes care for better clinical and financial outcomes in a recent case study and video.

4) Singapore hospitals to use APIs to integrate devices with Allscripts Sunrise™

Using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to exchange data with an electronic health record (EHR) is a good step toward better interoperability. Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), together with Eastern Health Alliance (EHA), started using Allscripts open APIs with Sunrise in January 2016.

5) Busting 5 myths about revenue cycle management services

Today there are many steps to processing claims, and each one is an opportunity to gain or lose money. Practices are weighing the pros and cons of different approaches to managing their revenue cycle, including relying on experts from outside their organizations. Arbor Family Medicine (Westminster, Colorado, U.S.A.) Office Manager Mikie Gonzales talked about her experience with Allscripts Revenue Cycle Management Services™ (RCMS) in a recent video interview.


6) Saving children’s lives with data

Data and reports are unlikely tools for heroes. But the team at Texas Children’s Hospital (Houston, Texas, U.S.A.) is analyzing patient information and tracking clinical results to help improve care for vulnerable, critically ill children. A recent success story outlines some of the many ways Texas Children’s is using Allscripts EPSi™ to support clinical initiatives throughout the organization. One example of these efforts is helping infants who have difficulty swallowing.

7) Using LACE as a tool to avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions

In a recent Client Outcomes Collaboration Program webinar, Allscripts clients shared how they have used the LACE index to identify patients who are at risk for readmission. Based on what they’ve found, they’ve taken different approaches to intervening with their patient populations.

8) Primary care practice earns recognition for population health management

The Family Doctors (Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.) uses data from its Allscripts Professional EHR™ suite to help improve care for patients with chronic disease. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana recognized The Family Doctors and its physicians with 26 awards in 2015 for highest achievement in population health management.

9) The electronic prior authorization tipping point

Today’s prior authorization (PA) process for certain high-cost medications is often a lengthy, manual back-and-forth process among the doctor, payer, pharmacy and patient. But times are changing, and about 20 states have legislation proposed or in place to improve the process with electronic prior authorizations (ePA). The industry is at a tipping point and ready for change.

10) Redefining the paradigm for health IT interfaces

Integrating separate technologies has not always been easy. But Allscripts has redefined the paradigm for health IT interfaces. With an open platform, clients can customize their EHRs in a matter of weeks, days – and lately, even minutes. Navin Jain, chief information officer and director of billing services at Cookeville Medical Center (Cookeville, Tennessee, U.S.A.), told us about his experience installing one of our certified third-party apps.

Thanks to all of the clients who have shared their success stories to help improve our open, connected community of health. We look forward to continued strategic partnership with our clients in 2017, working closely to enable smarter care, delivered with greater precision, for healthier patients, populations and communities.

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