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Clinical photography bridges technology gap in health care

Sometimes the best way to capture information is with a picture. Photographs can help clinicians diagnose conditions and monitor progress, especially in specialties such as plastic surgery, dermatology, burn care, wound care and vein care.

Clinical photography can be helpful in these cases. However, due to the technical skill needed to capture accurate, repeatable photographs, these pictures rarely provide comparable, measurable (read “quality”) data for providers. While clinical photography systems that have mechanical positioning, lighting and software are a valuable means of standardizing images, they can be costly and lack the mobility, simplicity and connectivity of mobile devices.

Epitomyze, Inc., part of Allscripts Developer Program, seeks to bridge this technology gap between legacy clinical photography systems and modern telemedicine. Set to revolutionize the role of clinical photography in medicine, the epitomyze™ capture app enables mobile devices to easily and inexpensively capture and accurately reproduce clinical photographs over time. Captured images provide “apples to apples” comparisons of clinical results and reside in Epitomyze’s secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud, ImageStore®. Clinicians can store, tag, search and share them with other providers, patients or payers.

An academic health center burn unit uses the application, and a clinician shared the following feedback:

“The photo application is simple to use and providers can easily obtain wound photos. The photos are then immediately available in ImageStore so that the provider can see comparisons of the wound over time. These comparisons are used in conversations with the patients to show them the progress of their wound and engage them in their plan of care…All of the providers on our team have access to the photos and can easily collaborate in person or via electronic means to discuss the care of the patient.”

By filling this gap, clinicians can more easily obtain vital information, provide better information for analysis and share with other components of the healthcare system. Learn more about epitomyze™ on the Allscripts Application Store or join us for an upcoming webinar.

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