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Data collection options for every patient

To provide the best quality care, clinicians need detailed information about a patient’s medical history and status. They need to know existing information is correct, and also about new details in patients’ lives that could affect their care.

Some days, I’m organized and build in time to prepare for upcoming appointments. I may be able to go to an online site and complete the updates and information necessary for my visit in advance. During busy days and weeks, it might be all I can do to get to the appointment on time, and having an onsite option like a kiosk in the waiting room to update my medical history becomes vital to making sure my doctor has all the best data about me.

As a person and a patient, I like options. I want to engage with practices who use tools that provide different methods of data collection. Our App of the Month for July, PatientLink, enables physician practices to offer several methods to capture patient information and upload it as discrete, structured data into Allscripts Professional EHR™.

“Our goal is to help free clinicians to take care of patients by automating the tedious data entry into the EHR,” said Debi Willis, CEO and Founder of PatientLink. “With the option to complete forms online before the appointment, in the waiting room through a kiosk, or on paper, patients are empowered to choose the option that best fits their lifestyle.”

PatientLink’s template forms enable clinicians to capture past medical history, surgical history, social history, family history, review of systems, medication, allergies, meaningful use, scored assessments, Medicare Wellness forms, Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) measures, Accountable Care Organization (ACO) measures and research data. PatientLink works closely with clinics to fully understand their needs and to customize and create forms based upon those needs.

“With the move from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance, payments are now linked to outcomes, and outcomes are measured by data,” Willis said. “PatientLink’s ability to quickly capture and send structured data into Professional EHR frees physicians to focus on patient care, which is the ultimate goal of every provider.”

Physician offices give PatientLink positive reviews

PatientLink helps improve workflow, generate revenue, gather data for quality measures, and increase the quality and completeness of data for medical offices. Here are just a few examples of how PatientLink has helped physician offices:

“The history is far more extensive, meets meaningful use requirements, and — most importantly — saves 15 to 20 minutes rooming every new patient.” – Lyn Clements, Clinic Administrator, INTEGRIS Family Care Yukon

“If I had an employee who could do 150 histories a day and never took a day off or called in sick, I would pay her a lot more than I paid for this scanner.” – Dr. Steve Hess, Westgate Family Physicians

“PatientLink probably cut the time it previously took nurses to review patient history and review of systems by about two-thirds.” – Dr. Richard Hellman, Hellman & Rosen Endocrine Associates

Patient engagement is of the utmost importance, and PatientLink provides more time for meaningful interaction between clinicians and their patients.

Register here to join the Allscripts “App of the Month Webinar” on Thursday, July 28 at 1 p.m. Eastern time to learn how PatientLink can help providers give options to patients that help improve patient care, and save time and money.

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