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Mobile application replaces outdated communication tools

Technology is one of the biggest paradoxes in health care. On the clinical front, modern day technologies offer patients life-saving therapies and improvement in quality of life. But communication among providers has seen little evolution over the past decades, still relying on pagers, fax machines and paper printouts.

So we shouldn’t be surprised by a recently published study that revealed preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. The majority of medical errors are due to poor ability to effectively communicate as a team of providers about the patient’s health.

These sobering statistics, coupled with the day-to-day struggle to deliver high-quality care with outdated care coordination tools, inspired a group of Harvard-trained physicians and engineers to join forces. Together, they created a unique mobile care coordination platform for the hospital setting, called Yosko.

How the Yosko app works

The Yosko app builds comprehensive information bridges with Allscripts Sunrise™ to enable every app feature to be anchored in the real-time clinical context of an electronic health record (EHR). This integration helps hospital teams engage in completely paperless patient rounds through an intuitive user interface that maps to the provider’s workflow.

For clinicians, this means they have a communication and notification platform that ensures that every team member is up-to-speed on the patient’s clinical status and planned hospital course. This capability helps improve safe transitions of care, expedite discharges and prevent delays in acting on critical testing results.

The Yosko app supports visual diagnosis and remote consultation through photo capturing of rashes, wound changes, even EKGs and other results. Because the app is integrated with clinical decision support tools, it helps providers treat patients according to latest clinical guidelines and practices.

Yosko Chief Executive Officer Andriana Nikolova, M.D., said: “Allscripts is a truly visionary company by pioneering the Open API platform. It recognizes that we can deliver even better patient care when we combine the rich possibilities of an EHR like Allscripts Sunrise with new mobile care coordination tools that enhance the EHR offering. We are seeing enthusiastic reactions to this partnership from clinicians at our pilot sites that include some of the leading U.S. hospitals.”

To learn more about Yosko, visit the Allscripts Application Store and register for a webinar on May 19, or contact the team at

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