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Finding charges you don’t know you’re missing

When your mission is to take care of hearts, all other tasks pale in comparison – especially billing. Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group (CCMG) has served patients in the greater Los Angeles area for more than 50 years, establishing it is the oldest cardiology practice in the community.

Like many physician practices, CCMG was facing challenges such as rising costs, declining reimbursements and evolving government standards – all while providing high-quality care for patients. Also, like many independent practices, CCMG managed the revenue cycle in a silo.

Allscripts RCMS was able to help our client drive more revenue into the practice while simultaneously drive costs out of the practice. As a result, Allscripts solutions helped establish a linear relationship between collection outcomes and costs, giving the organization visibility into problem areas.

Engaging with a trusted partner to help manage revenue has helped CCMG lower its overhead. “With that information, and access to other services from Allscripts, we were able to start reducing costs while creating an incentivized collection strategy,” Practice Administrator Kelli Nicholas said. “Allscripts Practice Management™ helped us find charges we didn’t even know were missing.”

CCMG has lowered days in AR. “At one point we were as high as 50 days, and we’re now down to 36, Nicholas said. “That is just is a benefit for our cash flow.”

Nicholas continued, “What we do is take care of patients’ hearts…When you have experts that can help you with the revenue cycle management piece, it just takes the daily burden off of you and helps your practice run a whole lot smoother.”

To learn more about CCMG uses Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR and Revenue Cycle Management Services, download a free case study and watch a video here.

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