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Canadian health authority begins accessing provincial clinical data

Fraser Health Authority (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) uses multiple clinical systems to deliver patient care to more than 1.6 million patients annually. Connectivity across care settings is important, as is connecting with provincial repositories of clinical data.

Fraser Health recently used Allscripts dbMotion™ Solution to achieve a milestone in its progress toward better connectivity. As of January 2016, Fraser Health clinicians can query the Provincial Laboratory Information Solution (PLIS) for patient lab test results.

The first pilot group includes 650 clinicians, and the capability will eventually be available to 15,000 users over the next several months. Clinicians can access test results from other providers, which will help enable more complete clinical information at the point of care and reduce unnecessary test duplication.

The change is simple for the user. From within the dbMotion document domain there is now an additional checkbox to “search for external data.” With just one click, it puts provincial lab results at the clinician’s fingertips.

As simple as it looks, this capability represents a significant technical achievement. It is the first time Fraser Health has accessed a database that sits behind Canada Health Infoway’s Health Information Access Layer (HIAL). The HIAL helps organizations sharing information by providing common services, such as user authentication, and logging and auditing accesses.

PLIS is one of many provincial repositories that sit behind the HIAL. Now that Fraser has successfully connected to PLIS, it will be easier to connect to other provincial databases, such as Pharmanet.

The integration at Fraser Health continues, both through adding sources within the organization, and connecting with additional provincial databases.

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