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Technology choices are about patient safety: A CIO’s professional and personal perspective

University Health System (UHS) implemented Allscripts Sunrise™ for both ambulatory and acute care in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., featured in a recent case study. “We integrate everything into Allscripts Sunrise to give physicians one place, one stop, one shop for all diagnostic and clinical information pertaining to that patient,” Chief Information Officer Bill Phillips said.

Providing capability and flexibility

“I think what really makes Sunrise different than other EMRs is, you have the capability, the flexibility, to make the system do what you need it to do,” Phillips said. UHS uses more than 300 applications and credits the Allscripts Open platform with enabling life-saving integrations among them.

For example, a third-party predictive modeling application taps into Sunrise to gather every lab result, vital sign and diagnostic data point to alert caregivers if the patient shows signs of deterioration.

“We have some very unique kinds of services lines here at UHS, such as transplant and hematology oncology. They need more than the standard content,” Dr. Alton Powell, Chief Medical Information Officer, said. “Because of the customizability of Allscripts, we’re able to build things that make the delivery of care easier. And nurses and professionals can treat their patients better.”

Phillips explained that ultimately, technology choices are about patient safety. “I’m asked many times about what’s the ROI on this technology,” he said. “So I answer by asking them this: if you’re in our hospital and Sunrise throws a drug-to-drug interaction alert that saves your life, what’s the value of your life? Because that’s our ROI.”

Editor’s Note: UHS uses Allscripts Sunrise™ as its core clinical solution, Allscripts EPSi™ to integrate financial processes and Allscripts dbMotion™ Solution as its connectivity platform. To learn more about how UHS combines these solutions to improve results across care settings, earn millions in incentive funding and improve overall efficiency, download this free case study.

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