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How to get the most value from Allscripts Client Experience (ACE)

Our annual user conference, Allscripts Client Experience (ACE), draws thousands of clients and industry leaders each year. We’re already gearing up for ACE 2016, August 9 – 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. It’s a large event with lots of opportunities to learn, network and share experiences with other clients.

ACE may seem overwhelming to a first-time attendee. We talked with Lori Lee Bereti, RN, a clinical informatics specialist at Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) about her first experience at ACE last year. She offered some helpful tips about how to prepare, including these:

1. Talk to people who have been there before.

“I knew what to expect because my colleagues prepped me and helped me understand what parts of the event would be most valuable to me…our Allscripts Outcomes Executive was also helpful.”

“You have to go in with some idea of what you’re hoping to find. Use the mobile application ahead of time to go over the sessions and narrow it down. There are so many opportunities, you need to go in with a plan….dive into the sessions that will have the most application for you.”

3. Think about who you’d like to meet.

“I really enjoyed putting names to faces for many of the Allscripts contacts who I do so much business with over the phone…If I have one disappointment, it’s that I didn’t realize some people were attending, and I missed them. Next time I will know where to look.”

4. Find new people facing similar challenges.

“At ACE, our Allscripts Outcomes Executive was able to introduce us to other Canadian clients. It’s so helpful to see where everyone is at – some are ahead of us, some are catching up – but it makes you feel better to know there are other people facing the same challenges we are.”

5. Share your own successes.

“We were both excited and a little bit nervous to present at ACE this year. We talked about our community-based hip and knee clinic, which is a brand new center that opened up with Allscripts Sunrise™. We presented about our client focus and how it’s been a good project for us and our healthcare community. It was great to talk with others about it.”

(Are you a client with an ACE presentation idea? The ACE 2016 Call for Papers is now open.)

6. Open your mind to new ideas.

“My favorite seminar was about troubleshooting with end users who are adapting to clinical documentation…It helped me see where we were on the right track for helping users, and gave us new ideas we could bring back to our organizations. I’m always looking for ideas to manage the challenge of helping people adapt to new environments.”

Thanks to Lori Lee for sharing this helpful advice. Registration is open for ACE 2016; we hope to see you there.

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