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Clinician to clinician: New solution improves efficiency, satisfaction for obstetricians

Obstetrics is a unique specialty in that there is an expectation of nearly 100% transition of care from outpatient to inpatient. Consequently, sharing information across healthcare settings is invaluable in obstetric and gynecological (OB/GYN) care. It is a high-volume, high-stakes specialty and providers need tools to document and identify pertinent clinical information as quickly as possible.

We designed our new version of Allscripts Prenatal™ 15.3, delivered to clients on December 1, with the primary goal of improving clinicians’ efficiency and satisfaction using the application. We tested common workflows and received overwhelmingly positive results in both objective and subjective measurements of usability.

Prenatal embedded in the electronic health record (EHR) improves efficiency, satisfaction

Prenatal can now be embedded into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, so the clinician doesn’t have to leave the EHR workflow to document obstetric care. This new feature represents having the best of both worlds. OB/GYNs can have all the advantages of a specialty workplace in Prenatal, filtering out unnecessary noise of the EHR. Yet now the systems are fully connected, so they can document and manage their patients in a single workspace.

When we tested Prenatal with actual clinicians, we asked them to complete common tasks, such as adding a problem and ordering a medication. They performed these tasks in both the existing solution and the upgraded solution. The upgraded solution enabled clinicians to reduce the amount of time by 38%. This time saving can make a huge difference in any practice and is particularly critical in a high-volume practice.

The response to this feature has been overwhelming. Allscripts clients already working with the feature have been unanimous in their endorsement. Moreover, our usability testers had a subjective satisfaction rating of 97% on the standard system usability scale.

Better access to information with cloud-based solution

Obstetricians need reliable, real-time ways to share patient records between their offices and hospital labor and delivery units. Unfortunately, even today, organizations are faxing information between these care settings in an attempt to get physicians the information where they need it.

A recent study published in “the green journal” demonstrated that implementation of an electronic perinatal record system resulted in improved receipt of prenatal test results between the outpatient and inpatient setting. This was associated with significantly fewer unnecessary repeated maternal tests and newborn interventions [1]. Because Prenatal is a cloud-based solution, clinicians can securely access up-to-date patient data from any care setting, using any web browser.

Easy to use, always improving

In this recent case study, The Iowa Clinic (West Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.) shares how it uses TouchWorks EHR and Prenatal to provide great patient care.

In 2008, shortly after bringing TouchWorks EHR to its specialties, The Iowa Clinic was an early adopter for Prenatal, the first stand-alone and EHR-integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to address the unique workflow and cross-provider information-sharing needs of prenatal care.

“When our physicians saw Allscripts Prenatal, they wanted it yesterday,” Backus said. “It’s so easy to use, it didn’t require training…I know that sounds crazy, but it’s just a great software package that works very well.”

Backus notes that one of the best features is its availability as a cloud-based solution. In the clinic or at the hospital, physicians can view and print information about the patients. “Allscripts Prenatal is solid, works well, and it just keeps getting better,” Backus said.

Positive client reactions like these reinforce our commitment to user-centered design, and we’ll continue to improve our solutions to best suit users’ needs.

To learn more about Prenatal 15.3, clients can visit ClientConnect.

  1. Pham-Thomas N, Pereira N, Powell AM, Croft DJ, Guilfoil DS, Montgomery OC. Outcomes of effective transmission of electronic prenatal records from the office to the hospital. Obstet Gynecol. 2014 Aug;124(2 Pt 1):317-22.

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