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Sunrise tool kits offer ready-to-use, proven best practices

Because every minute counts, healthcare professionals shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve great outcomes. Not when Allscripts SunriseTM clients are ready to share best practices with each other to advance health care.

That’s what Allscripts Client Outcomes Collaboration Program (COCP) is all about. Launched earlier this year, this program features ready-to-use tool kits with workflows and clinical performance management (CPM) reports associated with outcomes proven successful by Sunrise clients.

How one client is using the best practices “gold mine”

One of the most active users of the COCP is Sunrise client Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (Boone, North Carolina, U.S.A.).  In a recent case study with ARHS team members, we learned more about how they’ve implemented Clinical Performance Management (CPM) reports.

“Finding the COCP was a gold mine for me,” said Systems Administrator Lindsay Grove. “We’ve implemented four of the CPM reports so far for procedures and topics that are globally of interest in health care.”

For example, Health First (Rockledge, Florida, U.S.A.) and Blessing Hospital (Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A.) shared through a COCP monthly webinar how they are using Sunrise to decrease Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI). Grove helped implement these ready-to-use CPM reports, which are now populating to set a baseline for procedures to reduce CLABSI.

“We’ve been talking with our infection control staff about the CLABSI dashboard,” Grove said. “We found that line removal is not consistently documented, so it’s already helped us identify where we can improve clinically.”

Other CPM reports that the organization has adapted from the COCP include nutrition, medical necessity checking and ICU delirium. Borkowski explained that once the IT team establishes solid baseline reports in each of these areas, they will share the information with clinical and quality team members through the organization’s IT steering committee.

“I’ve been really impressed with COCP, especially the availability and willingness to help from Allscripts…we got to the right experts really quickly,” Grove said.

What’s next for the Client Outcomes Collaboration Program

We’re encouraged by clients like ARHS who have been able to quickly adopt best practices from fellow clients. The CPM reports don’t require extensive programming knowledge, and working closely with ARHS has helped us improve our tool kits to make them even easier and more efficient to adopt.

We continue to offer monthly webinars on timely healthcare topics, such as reducing the incidence of ICU delirium and sepsis. If you’re interested in learning more about successful workflows in Allscripts Sunrise, join the conversation in our ClientConnect community today.

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