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Automated payer record requests with Allscripts eChart CourierTM

Payer requests for medical records can be time consuming. Even though the physician practice is likely using an electronic health record (EHR), many times these transactions require vast amounts of paper and labor. It can be a cumbersome task for both the practice and the payer.

Hutchinson Clinic (Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S.A.) Chief Information Officer Bob Davidson explains it this way, “Everyone here already has a full-time job. When we get requests from a payer for charts that require pulling massive quantities of patient information, we have to pull somebody off of their tasks to do it, or the payer sends someone to work on site. It’s very time consuming.”

Davidson continued, “We had one request last year that was for 160 hard-copy charts, which took one person a full week – 40 hours – to pull the charts, copy them and ship them to the payer….every time we got a massive request like that, it delayed other projects for our staff.”

Davidson acknowledges these requests aren’t as noticeable when the payer only needs one or two records, but it’s a different story when Hutchinson Clinic must fulfill reporting requirements for programs such as MCQA HEDIS®, the CMS Five-Star Quality Rating program and CMS risk scores.

No more manual responses to payer record requests

Because Hutchinson Clinic is an Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR user, it was able to deploy eChart Courier, a solution that automates the electronic delivery of medical information, at no additional cost. The solution went live in October 2014 and enables Hutchinson Clinic to securely share records directly with payers, usually within 24 hours.

“Allscripts eChart Courier implementation was absolutely easy and the solution requires very little effort from us,” Davidson says. “Because we don’t do anything for eChart Courier, it’s virtually invisible, whereas before we had lots of disruption of activity to provide records to payers.”

Davidson believes that the solution not only helps Hutchinson Clinic staff, but also relieves burden from the payers, too. Ultimately, that’s what Allscripts is all about: helping healthcare stakeholders collaborate to provide value and improve outcomes.

If you’re a TouchWorks EHR client, Professional EHR client or a payer who would like to learn more about eChart Courier, contact us.

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