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Mapping and maintaining clinical decision support standards with Plexina

Health systems are now well down the road of “accountability reform,” defining and managing the effectiveness of care to improve quality and reduce cost. Plexina (formerly known as Wairever) provides the Plexina Platform that helps support clinicians using electronic health records (EHRs) to provide evidence-based and best-practice care.

Creating electronically actionable clinical decision support (CDS) tools — such as order sets, clinical documentation templates, rules and assessment reports – at  the point of care helps clinicians make better decisions for patients. Plexina is a complete platform that helps capture, understand, define, design and deploy high-quality CDS assets into EHRs.

The continuous process of developing and maintaining CDS

In each health system, the clinical transformation team or CDS team has to enable new operational capabilities to improve care. Business transformation, standardization and clinical improvement is a complex and time-consuming undertaking.

First, CDS teams identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve care. They then establish and follow a quality-controlled process, document decisions, combine creativity with technical and clinical expertise, engage clinicians, review, test and manage changes at the point of care. After the CDS is deployed, the team must monitor and assess CDS for effectiveness.

Clinical improvement and deploying and refining CDS tools is a continuous process. It requires leadership support, commitment to resources, organization, and ideally, an effective process and tools to viably and efficiently maintain the operation.

“Medical knowledge changes so fast and it must be shared among team members. The best way to update and share that information is with tools like Plexina that give us an explicit map of knowledge and support efficient order set development and maintenance.”
— Dr. Tom Rosenal, Medical Director, Clinical Informatics EHR Leadership

Whether implementing large scale, strategic clinical improvement opportunities, or responding to urgent issues with clinical practice or pharmaceutical formularies, Plexina simplifies the process of deploying standards. Plexina has recently developed the Real-time Applied Clinical Effectiveness framework, providing the ability to capture data and provide continuous feedback on important clinical or administrative metrics related to CDS.

How Plexina enables more efficient CDS processes

One Allscripts SunriseTM Acute Care client has implemented Plexina and uses it to efficiently manage more than 1,000 order sets. Working with healthcare systems, Plexina has achieved 50-70% acceleration in schedule and enables management of 5-20 times more CDS assets with the same people.

This capability in part enables a higher quality library of CDS to be developed, deployed and maintained in the EHR, thereby enabling many more opportunities to improve clinical effectiveness.

To learn more, join us for a webinar on Tuesday, August 25 at 1 p.m. Eastern time: “Plexina for Allscripts Sunrise™ Acute Care helps you manage order sets and clinical content effectively.”

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