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Live from ACE 15: What’s next for Allscripts

This is a big week for Allscripts. We announced record-setting second-quarter financial results, and we kicked off the Allscripts Client Experience (ACE), our annual user group meeting. More than 2,200 clients are gathered in Boston to connect, learn and innovate.

As a Connected Community of HealthTM, we have much to celebrate as we look ahead. In my opening address, I shared three primary ways we’re laser-focused on a successful future for our clients:

1) Ready for value-based care

The industry shift from fee-for-service to value-based-care financial models continues. Healthcare organizations are at various stages in this evolution, and many of them have one foot in each world.

What will continue to be increasingly important are referral patterns for patients. Healthcare organizations need to be able to drill into the data to understand “leakage” – when patients leave their system for another. Allscripts can help those clients re-capture lost revenue.

2) Doubling down on innovation

Some companies might cut research and development budgets to accelerate the path to profitability. But that’s a short-term vision. Allscripts is investing heavily in innovation, because that’s how we’re going to advance health care.

For example, we invested in the innovative work that NantHealth is doing, because incorporating genomics in precision medicine is the next frontier. We’re going to help lead the way.

3) Driving to proactive precision medicine

We were pleased to have the founder of NantHealth, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, join me during the opening session. A world-renown researcher and entrepreneur, he explained that we are experiencing a cancer crisis. Current treatments are all reactive, and we need to be more predictive and proactive in our approach to make headway.

Just as mission control meticulously tracks an astronaut’s health in real time, someday our physicians will be able to track our health the same way. Precision medicine will make it possible for caregivers to help patients prevent illness and even understand potential outcomes and costs in real time.

This is not an academic exercise or just a business strategy. Lives and good health are at stake. Because we all have loved ones who face battles with illness, it is very clear to me that there is no time to waste.

We need to work collaboratively to hasten the future of health care. I’m inspired by the passion and commitment I’ve seen at ACE 15 this week. This community has never been stronger or more prepared to fulfill the promise of Health IT.

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