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Transforming health care with precision medicine

Until now, the delivery of health care has in many respects focused on treating the “average” patient. But individually, there is no average patient. Every patient is different.

To individualize treatment, we need the ability to use genetic data to avoid medications that are known to be ineffective for the patient or are likely to cause adverse side effects. We need the ability to individualize preventative screening of patients.

We need a tool that can be delivered easily to physicians, and be available to patients. It needs to both educate and provide decision support. Allscripts June App of the Month, ActX, uses advances in genomics to offer such a tool for Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR and Allscripts Professional EHR™.

Precision medicine includes the use of genomic and molecular data to better target healthcare treatments, and learn the pre-dispositions to a particular disease. An explosion in medical knowledge is occurring in genomics, which has recently been recognized by the national Precision Medicine Initiative.

But all of this new knowledge, existing in stand-alone solutions and available only to those who know where to look for it, is not necessarily capable of transforming health care by itself. The most effective way to reach routine medical practice, and begin helping patients, is to build precision medicine into the normal physician workflow at the point of care, which is why ActX, offering genomic decision support inside Allscripts Electronic Health Records, is such a vital part of the Allscripts Developer Program.

With the proper real-time decision support, Allscripts physicians do not need to be experts in genetics, but can still use the patient’s genetic information effectively. They can automatically check prescriptions for efficacy, adverse effects and dosing based on the patient’s genetics. ActX can alert physicians for evidence-based, actionable genomic risks, such as certain cancers and cardiovascular conditions. ActX brings this new tool to physicians in a turnkey manner that includes affordable genetic testing for patients.

To learn more, register for a webinar on Wednesday, June 29, 2015. The era of precision medicine is here, and ActX can help Allscripts providers effectively use genomic information to treat their patients leading to improved outcomes faster and less time and dollars wasted which can occur with traditional prescribing.

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