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QueueDr texts patients to fill cancelled appointments

Whether I’m checking off things from my to-do list, like vaccinations for my kids, or trying to see my doctor when I’m ill, sooner is better. The most effective way for physicians’ offices to reach me is through a text letting me know when there’s an earlier opening. That’s why, as a patient, I love the ease and convenience of the Allscripts Developer Program May App of the Month from QueueDr.

How QueueDr fills cancelled appointments

QueueDr runs in the background of the practice’s Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR or Allscripts Practice Management™ solutions, knows when an appointment cancellation occurs, and texts the ideal patients already on the provider’s schedule to fill the spot. The first patient to text back the special word gets the earlier appointment. It’s convenient for both the patients and the practice.

QueueDr helps the average provider see 10 additional patients every month because it fills about 80% of cancelled appointments. Right now offices only fill 40% of cancelled appointments.  QueueDr saves staff from having to make phone calls to try to fill a cancelled appointment. That amounts to an extra 24-30 hours of staff time a month. Priced to guarantee positive ROI within one week of use, QueueDr has no setup fees and can be implemented in minutes.

Why do cancelled appointments matter? They are in the middle of important trends in increasing patient satisfaction, staff productivity, and physician utilization. According to QueueDr, because of cancelled appointments the average medical practice could:

  • Lose more than $100,000 in revenue per year
  • Spend 2,000 hours of staff time trying to fill cancelled appointments per year
  • Have patients wait three weeks to see a provider

By filling cancelled appointments, practices can see one additional patient every day per provider. The patient receives care much sooner and gets to check one more thing off her to-do list.

It all started at a code-a-thon

QueueDr sprang from the imaginations of three developers who met at the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge in the fall of 2014. They worked together using Allscripts Open APIs to develop new applications that extend and enhance Allscripts EHRs and Practice Management systems. After winning our challenge, they have gone on to become formal partners and are being featured as the Allscripts May App of the Month.

We’re pleased to sponsor events like these that inspire real solutions for health care. Through our partnership with QueueDr, and more than 130 developers in our program, we enable fast integration for these applications within Allscripts open platform.

To learn more about QueueDr, please register for a webinar on Thursday, May 28 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

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