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eNewsletter application boosts patient portal engagement

A recent HIMSS Analytics survey found that patient engagement is top of mind for 72% of health IT leaders. Every stage of Meaningful Use requires some form of patient engagement. Many practices and hospitals are engaging patients in their own health through patient portals. But getting patients to activate and actually use them continues to be a challenge.

Practices that communicate more effectively with their patients can achieve higher portal engagement success. One option that has proven effective is HealthBanks eNewsletter, an Allscripts-certified application available on the Allscripts Application Store.

Using HealthBanks eNewsletter to reach patients

The HealthBanks eNewsletter is certified to integrate with Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR and Allscripts Professional EHRTM and makes it easier for practices to communicate with patients. Allscripts systems automatically subscribe patients to receive e-newsletters so they can be well informed about patient portals, flu clinics, seasonal updates, health tips, practice changes and more.

The integrated e-newsletter can help promote the patient portal at a fraction of the cost of hard copy flyers or mailers, and saves costs associated with outsourcing to a marketing firm. The system also tracks all clicks so practices have immediate feedback on whether or not the communication is working.

Practices working to meet Meaningful Use measures must demonstrate what they are doing to promote patient engagement. HealthBanks eNewsletter provides specific usage data on every communication that goes out. Practices can see how many patients received the communication, opened it and clicked through to the patient portal.

Allscripts users are pleased with the results:

“We have seen Patient Portal Activations increase from 18 per month to 25 per month after we turned on the HealthBanks eNewsletter system in Allscripts.” Pediatric Practice Manager (Tallahassee, Florida)

“Patients have commented to our Medical Assistants that they enjoy receiving the eNewsletter and the information that it provides.” Orthopedic Practice Manager (Westlake, Ohio)

Could an eNewsletter work for your organization?

Each patient population is a little bit different. That’s why it’s important to have a wide range of applications to help address big issues, like patient engagement. So each healthcare provider can select the tools that work best within their organizations.

Contact HealthBanks to discuss your organization’s needs or attend an upcoming webinar, on Tuesday May 19 at 1 p.m. ET, to see a demonstration. Register here.

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