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Early adopters like user-friendly features in Allscripts Practice Management

Adopting significant new features and functions in a fully deployed practice management system requires strong leadership and deliberate efforts from our early adopter clients.  We watch the experiences of our early adopter partners closely, and their feedback truly helps shape the solution that we then make available to our clients.

Several of our early adopters shared what they liked best about our newest version of Allscripts Practice ManagementTM 14.0.2, which became generally available last week:

“Everyone here at SAMA is super excited about the new look of [Practice Management]!  They love the tabs they can have across the top and IT loves that they don’t have 3 [Practice Management] programs pulled at the same time…The collection account detail on the toolbar (C$) is so much easier to use at check in – no excuses for not checking things out while a patient is checking in.  You were so excited about this update and the new collections module – Now I know why! Thank for listening to us and continuing to improve [Practice Management]!” — Terri Townley, SAMA Healthcare Services (El Dorado, Arkansas, U.S.A.)

“The History tab in Patient Registration is AWESOME! It will be so nice to avoid the Patient Change report when you quickly need to verify when data on the account changed. There is also so much more information here. Great job!” — Tanya Richardson, Unity Healthcare, LLC (Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.)

“AUTOMATED COLLECTIONS ROCKS!  We love, love, love the ability to walk in and print 100+ letters without having to generate one at a time!” — Lisa Britt, Family Doctors (Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.)

Another significant benefit our early adopters like is that it is easier for staff to access eligibility information. For example, instead of staff having to search, the solution automatically brings information back into the scheduling component.

And, although previous versions of Practice Management were ICD-10 compliant, this new version builds on the core file maintenance for ICD-9, ICD-10 and mapping files.

When our early adopters are pleased, it’s a good sign. To find out more about Practice Management, visit ClientConnect or contact us.

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