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Allscripts Sunrise from the client’s point of view

It’s a new dawn for Allscripts SunriseTM , our clinical and financial solution for hospitals. The industry is taking notice, and so are clients. Below are a few comments that clients shared on the KLAS Research website:

“I could go on and on about the open architecture. We are constantly developing things to bolt onto the system. It is fun. For me, the fact that we can do that differentiates Allscripts’ product from the rest. We have an entirely different strategic initiative around our provider documentation for ambulatory. We are using a product for that which is not innately part of Allscripts. But because we can get under the hood of the Allscripts system, we are using this other product to build our provider documentation. Providers get the feeling that they are in the same primary medical record, but we can use this tool that is a little bit more flexible. If Allscripts were like [other vendor], we could not take advantage of anything like that. We would just be forced to use what they gave us. We would be a little bit stuck.”

Anonymous IT Director Comment, KLAS, March 2015

“Our CIO and I were able to develop a pediatric dose range calculator solution that is literally saving lives every single day. We likely could not have developed a solution like that if it had not been for this open architecture in Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager. In terms of safety and importance, that is a huge game changer in a pediatric hospital. We were able to do what seems like a small thing, just fluff, but I would call the pediatric dose range checking absolutely critical. There is no fluff involved there.”

Anonymous IT Director Comment, KLAS, March 2015

“The biggest strength of Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager is its open architecture. It is built on a SQL back end with a .NET framework. That platform allows us to invest some energy in customizing. We have been able to do some really pretty innovative things inside of the EHR because of that platform. We have a custom-developed solution for blood volume calculations, which is especially important in pediatrics. We don’t want to poke a child more than we have to, and we don’t want to draw one mL of blood more than we have to. So we developed a blood volume calculator in Sunrise Clinical Manager. When we launch this add-on of sorts, the system looks at the types of lab orders that are being placed by the physician before the nurse draws the blood. It knows based on the orders which type of tube is required and what color the top should be. Then it calculates the minimum volumes needed for that test and gives that to the nurse. The nurses don’t need to call down to the lab anymore, and they don’t need to use this crazy chart they used to have. It is a tiny thing, but it has really gotten a great review from our end users.”

Anonymous IT Director Comment, KLAS, March 2015

Comments like these remind us that Sunrise is a powerful platform in the hands of engaged clinicians. Reinforcing its leadership position, Sunrise won a 2014 Best in KLAS award for Global (non-US) EMR and the 2014 Top Inpatient Electronic Health Record Vendor from Black Book Rankings, adding to other awards from CDMI and Frost & Sullivan.

If you’re going to HIMSS15, join us at Allscripts booth (#3521) for live demonstrations of our integrated acute and ambulatory solutions hear more directly from clients at our Innovations Lounge.

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