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The University of Mississippi Medical Center identifies $1.3 million potential savings with Allscripts EPSi

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC – Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.) uses Allscripts EPSiTM to identify cost-saving opportunities while helping to improve overall care and patient experience. Using EPSi’s patient analytics and teaming up finance and physician expertise, it has identified two areas with potential cost-saving opportunities of $1.3 million:

1) Reducing unnecessary lab testing

Certain laboratory tests have enough diagnostic accuracy to make other tests unnecessary. The UMMC team used evidence-based guidelines to identify and evaluate 21 redundant testing scenarios.

“With a rich data set, we can fine-tune pathways and standard order sets for the clinical side,” UMMC Director of Finance Operations Bryan Clements said. “These tools help better prioritize decisions for patient issues, like unnecessary lab testing, which are also often cost issues, too.”

2) Identifying efficient and effective uses for medications

UMMC also focused efforts on reviewing certain high-cost antibiotics. A simple lab test can determine whether or not a patient will respond to expensive drugs, or if a lower-cost prescription will be as effective.

“We’ve found the tip of the iceberg,” Clements said. “We can keep working in different areas to quantify outcomes and become more efficient.”

These are practical examples of what EPSi is all about. Instead of having data in silos or Excel spreadsheets, EPSi links all of the organization’s operational, financial and clinical data. With real-time, comprehensive data, reporting and analysis, healthcare leaders have a unified view of both problems and solutions.

Integrated decision support is what forward-looking healthcare organizations are using to compete in today’s world of value-based care. Better information leads to better decisions. Ultimately, EPSi helps organizations achieve better outcomes across the board.

To learn more, you can download a free success story featuring UMMC.

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