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Taking the detective work out of pediatric care

Alberta Children’s Hospital (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) uses Allscripts SunriseTM  to improve care and free its clinicians from tedious “detective work” and calculations. In a recent case study, physicians describe how they’ve applied intelligent order sets to pediatric diabetes management and infant Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).

Solving the mystery of insulin management

According to pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Jonathan Dawrant, managing insulin has three main challenges:

1) Even though diabetes is a growing health concern, not every clinician has enough exposure and expertise to manage insulin.

2) Insulin has no clear dose range; it’s different for every patient. This ambiguity is especially challenging for growing children.

3) To determine the appropriate dose of insulin requires input from various sources. Dawrant observed, “Doing rounds was like doing detective work…you have to gather different pieces of paper, which are located in different places, then manually calculate doses and next steps. The process repeats itself daily.”

Now Alberta Children’s Hospital uses Sunrise to gather insulin information – clinician’s orders, actual doses and patient reaction – into one display. Clinicians can more easily recognize patterns and make better decisions.

Automating complex TPN calculations

Neonatologists must carefully calculate TPN, or intravenous nutrition, for their tiny patients. According to Alberta Children’s Health neonatologist Dr. Jack Rabi, they need to review and adjust orders based on clinical concerns, lab results and the patient’s weight. And all of this needs to happen every day for 40 babies.

Sunrise order sets have significantly simplified the process. “Prior to the [TPN] order set, it would take five or ten minutes for each baby, but now it takes less than 30 seconds to order,” Dr. Rabi said.

Taking pediatric care to the next level

Alberta Children’s Hospital recognizes the value of using technology to free clinicians from tedious information-gathering and calculating tasks. Instead, pediatricians can use reports in strategic ways to improve care for their patients.

To learn more about Alberta Children’s Hospital’s experience with Sunrise, you can download a free case study.

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