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Apps help customize patient-centered care in Arkansas

“There’s an app for that” is a common expression proving true in healthcare IT.

For example, SAMA HealthCare Services (El Dorado, Arkansas, U.S.A.) uses third-party applications to customize its electronic health record (EHR) core and improve patient-centered care. It launched eDoc4U in May 2014 to automate required annual Medicare wellness exams and assess health risks.

In a recent case study, SAMA HealthCare lead physician Gary Bevill said, “We’ve pushed the envelope and look for ways to keep the patient foremost in the encounter…With Allscripts Professional EHR and eDoc4U, it was a way to further extend that goal and offer much greater value to our patients.”

The big picture: Improving care in Arkansas

According to the United Health Foundation, Arkansas is the second unhealthiest state in the nation, with high rates of smoking, obesity, diabetes and poverty. Lack of preventive care, immunizations and access to quality care contribute to poor outcomes.

To address these challenges, Arkansas is one of seven states participating in a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) four-year pilot project, the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPCI). It is a collaboration among public and private payers to strengthen primary care. SAMA HealthCare is part of this national initiative.

SAMA HealthCare worked closely with Allscripts to meet CPCI requirements. Because Allscripts has an Open platform, it was easy for SAMA HealthCare to incorporate apps that meet the needs of its specific patient community. And eDoc4U was the best way for SAMA to automate annual assessments and support population health strategies for its Medicare patients.

What eDoc4U does for SAMA HealthCare patients

SAMA invites patients to complete eDoc4U’s health risk assessment through FollowMyHealth® by sending a link to the registration page. Patients can complete the assessment in the comfort of their own homes. eDoc4U in turn delivers a comprehensive Health Summary Report directly to the EHR.

Armed with the patient’s current health status and lifestyle responses, clinicians are better prepared for the next encounter. eDoc4U’s disease and preventive registrations also enable SAMA HealthCare clinicians to quickly identify if patients need preventive services, such as immunizations or disease-specific exams such as the diabetic foot exam.

SAMA HealthCare has used technology to improve measures within the first two years of participating in CPCI. For example, a renewed focus on preventive care has increased diabetic foot exams by 400% in the first quarter alone. About 40% of SAMA HealthCare’s diabetic patients have had these exams, compared with just 10% nationally. These exams have the potential to reduce risk of amputation.

Register here to join eDoc4U’s free “App of the Month Webinar” Tuesday, February 24 at noon Eastern time for a deeper dive into the award-winning application’s integration with Allscripts Professional EHR.

To learn more about eDoc4U and Allscripts, visit eDoc4U in the Allscripts Application Store.

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