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Paperless health care? It’s possible with enterprise content management.

Imagine the registration desk employee at your physician’s office handing you a tablet, instead of a clipboard. You enter your information once, and every form thereafter is automatically populated with your information. Sound like what we expect from organizations outside of health care?

Of course, registration is only one process that generates paper. Other healthcare organization departments create massive amounts of content, including Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Scheduling, Legal, Health Information Management (HIM) and more.

And while patients aren’t encumbered with managing it, the clinicians and staff are. As electronic health records (EHR) permeate the healthcare industry, so should enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

The advantages of effective ECM solutions

Effective ECM solutions securely capture content, make it easily accessible to those who need it and streamline processes by automating routine tasks related to that content.

For patient registration, ECM enables organizations to capture registration information via tablets. By integrating the solution with the organization’s other core healthcare IT systems, providers now make the information available from within the EHR.

The registration process is not only much easier for patients, but it’s also easier for healthcare organizations to begin the various “back office” functions. For example, with ECM, the legal department can automate rules-based approval and escalate tasks to quickly create and securely manage contracts as well as support vendor relationships.

Most importantly, clinicians and staff can access the content they need – which is stored outside of the EHR – from within the EHR. This access supports collaboration, simplifies chart completion and minimizes manual data entry.

The ability to provide access to the right information, to the right people, within the EHR system can improve productivity and both patient and clinician satisfaction. No more toggling between applications, no more searching for faxes, test results or insurance information. Quick access to relevant information helps clinicians make better care decisions and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Learn more about enterprise content management for Allscripts Sunrise Acute Care™ by attending Allscripts App of the Month Webinar on Thursday, December 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern time, featuring the OnBase by Hyland certified integration. You can also visit the Allscripts Application Store to learn more about OnBase and request a demo and quote.

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