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Best client stories of 2014

I’ve always admired the people who work in health care. They’re even more on my mind this month with the recent passing of my father. The outpouring of support I received made me think about the many other people whose loved ones need medical care during this holiday season.

Our clients care for thousands of people every day who mean a lot to their families. As 2014 draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to thank those clients for their efforts to care for others.

To honor their work, here some of the client stories that appealed most to readers this year:

Alberta Health Services (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) – The organization used Allscripts SunriseTM to build strategic clinical decision support tools that improved clinical results for diabetes management and saved C$600,000 with an order set for a single transfusion medication.

“Information technology can help bring best practices to clinical activity. The clarity, completeness and consistency you get from clinical decision support just doesn’t exist on paper or in verbal orders.”

Andrew Pattullo, MD, Senior Medical Director of Informatics Alberta Health.

Coastal Carolina Health Care (New Bern, North Carolina, U.S.A) – Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR helps this organization and its ACO rank third in the US for collective clinical quality measures. It also reduced the average costs per patient by 19% in one year, resulting in $1.2 million in savings.

“We used lots of programs to accomplish great clinical results. TouchWorks EHR is the main data repository and tool at the center of these efforts.”

Stephen Nuckolls, Chief Executive Officer

SAMA HealthCare Services (El Dorado, Arkansas, U.S.A.) – Using Allscripts Professional EHRTM, Allscripts Practice ManagementTM and FollowMyHealth®, the organization helped patients avoid 880 unnecessary emergency room (ER) visits) and earned $2 million in incentive funding.

“We’ve actually doubled the size of our clinic in the last 18 months, so we’ve really pushed the products…Allscripts has been great about working with us to modify the product to assist us in reaching our goals of patient-centered medical care.”

Pete Atkinson, Administrator

VNA Home Health Hospice (South Portland, Maine, U.S.A.) – With Allscripts HomecareTM, this growing agency has significantly reduced its hospitalization rate and shorted the billing cycle to save $150,000 annually.

“With Allscripts, we’re on target again. Our clinical outcomes are through the roof…because we’ve been able to do timely review and follow-up, to manage our patient care better.”

Elizabeth Rolfe Director of Clinical Services


There are thousands of other examples of how people are changing health care for the better. In the spirit of the season, I encourage you to share stories that have meant the most to you.

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