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What FQHCs are looking for in an EHR

A strong electronic health record (EHR) core is important in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. It’s especially critical for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which provide “safety net” health care in underserved communities.

The United States has more than 1,000 FQHCs operating in 6,000 locations. These are community health centers and programs serving uninsured or underinsured populations such as migrant workers, public housing residents and the homeless. They helped an estimated 20 million patients in 2010.

FQHCs must make the most of every investment – including health IT – to serve their communities.

We recently interviewed team members from Delaware Health Net (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.), a network of 11 FQHCs, about the network’s healthy EHR core. Using Allscripts solutions, member FQHCs have improved clinical results, met Meaningful Use and earned an estimated $6.3 million in incentive funding.

A recent case study highlighted some of the traits that made Allscripts Professional EHRTM and Allscripts Practice ManagementTM the right solutions for this FQHC network. For example:

Popular with users. “Clinicians just fell in love with the Allscripts platform, so that made it an easy decision for us.” Craig Law, Chief Executive Officer, Delaware Health Net.


Flexibility. “Many systems don’t have the flexibility that Allscripts does. We’re able to build a lot of reports and customize them…that, to me, has been a lifesaver.” Dr. Teshina Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, Henrietta Johnson Medical Center (member of Delaware Health Net).

Meets requirements. “Allscripts has made it much easier to attain Meaningful Use and PCMH, making sure all patients are up to date on the services they need through clinical decision support, protocols and templates.” Gabby Country, Health Information Manager, Delaware Health Net.

Built-in back up. “[Professional EHR] also had a built-in back up system, which is absolutely key for FQHCs with limited resources.” Craig Law, Chief Executive Officer, Delaware Health Net.

These are some of the many aspects of the Professional EHR suite that have enabled Delaware Health Net’s FQHC members to achieve success. To learn more, you can download a free case study.

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