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NoteSwift leads to fewer clicks, happier physicians

What’s the fastest way to reduce clicks in the patient documentation process? Try spoken commands that the electronic health record (EHR) recognizes and documents in the patient record.

I get so excited to talk about what NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHRTM can do for our clients because it makes an immediate and positive impact on how physicians interact with their EHRs. It doesn’t just reduce clicks – it virtually eliminates them.

NoteSwift for Professional EHR is powered by Dragon speech recognition and enables the clinician to forego the keyboard and mouse. Instead they can speak directly to Professional EHR to move around in the application and work more efficiently. NoteSwift can help clinicians cut their patient documentation time in half and often use the EHR even more efficiently.

Dr. Donald Smith, Indiana University Health, attests: “NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHR and Dragon have revolutionized my life in the office. I used to spend 3 or more hours at the end of every day creating and updating charts, now it only takes me an hour. It makes a huge difference. By using NoteSwift we were able to reduce time on a patient record by 75-80%. We are much happier that we are able to spend more time treating patients while effectively tracking their medical records in a time-efficient and accurate way.”

Solutions that make physicians happier are worth talking about.

How NoteSwift for Professional EHR reduces mouse clicks by more than 90%

NoteSwift is integrated into the EHR to offer command and control over the application. NoteSwift interprets clinicians’ spoken words in several ways:

As commands to navigate within the Professional EHR interface. NoteSwift identifies when the clinician says a new section of the note and moves to that section.

As narrative text inserted into the note. Narratives that tell the whole patient story are easy to capture.

As structured data populated to the appropriate fields. Clinicians can speak to check boxes, select from drop down menus, or perform a search. NoteSwift accurately enters structured data with the codes required to support Meaningful Use guidelines.

NoteSwift’s ability to handle dictation in varying sections of the clinical note is what gives providers the power to complete a patient note in fewer than five clicks. It typically takes half the time it takes to navigate through the application and complete the note without using NoteSwift. This extra time saved often enables clinicians to see an additional two patients per day and recover the cost of NoteSwift within the first week.  That’s powerful.

NoteSwift is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on licenses purchased through September. See the Allscripts Application Store for details. To see NoteSwift in action, register for the upcoming webinar Tuesday, September 30, at 1 PM ET.*

* Editor’s Note Feb. 25, 2015 – Professional EHR clients can now purchase NoteSwift directly from Allscripts. Find out more about how to document a patient visit in less than three clicks in an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 10 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. Register here.

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