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Mobile EHR gets nod from Intel

When you develop a new product, you can’t help but think it’s great. It’s especially wonderful when someone else agrees and gives you an award for it. Allscripts received an Intel Innovation Award for the development of Allscripts Wand™, powered by Windows. It’s one of the first comprehensive mobile electronic health records (EHR) developed on the Windows 8.1 platform.

Open: It’s all about choices

I’ve often talked about the value of Open, and how important it is to connect clinical and financial data across every setting: from the provider to the hospital to post-acute settings and even the patient’s home. An Open approach helps enable the mobile tools needed in an increasingly mobile world.

It’s all about choosing the right tool for the right clinician to enable the right care at the right time. To make that happen, the healthcare community needs choices. Lots of them.

Wand for Windows gives several options to healthcare organizations.  Clinicians can use legacy EHRs and new EHRs on the same device. They can choose from several different mobile devices. And they can choose navigation by touch, stylus or mouse. (See other benefits of Windows technology in a recent blog post, Staying on course with Windows 8.)

My biggest surprise

Having been on site with a few clients now, I was surprised by the popularity of one Windows 8 feature that has really made a difference. In Win8, if you swipe from the left-hand side of the screen, you can easily flip to the next application.

So when clinicians are using Wand, if they need to get back to the old product they’ve known for years, they can get to it with a simple swipe. It offers more choices; clients can use features on Wand (e.g., take a picture of a suspicious mole, record vitals, pick a pharmacy with a map) and return to the main product to do other things – instantly and on the same device.

Certainly that makes the transition to any new product easier for users. It helps their productivity instead of detracting from it.

Thanks to the team

It is always satisfying to have a prestigious company like Intel recognize your work, and we are very grateful and humbled by that recognition. And I’d like to express our deepest thanks to the adventurous providers and staff at Resurgens Orthopaedics and Marin Medical Practice Concepts for joining us on a quest to take better advantage of what Win8 has to offer, and most importantly to help healthcare providers practice their art.

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