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Re-imagining health care with Resolute Health

Resolute Health (New Braunfels, Tex., U.S.A.) opened its brand new hospital campus June 24. The 56-acre site reflects the future of health care, emphasizing population health management and overall wellness.

Chief Information Officer, Roderick Bell II, shared Resolute’s vision at our recent annual user conference, Population Health University. With more than 20 years of healthcare IT experience supporting  four “greenfield” hospital projects, Bell is well qualified to re-imagine the possibilities for healthcare technology.

7 visionary features on Resolute’s wellness campus

“Resolute Health is the innovation lab for Tenet Healthcare,” said Bell. “All the new technology, all the new workflows…everything new goes through Resolute Health first before we push it out to the rest of the 77 hospitals across the system.”

Resolute’s innovative approach is evident in the way it uses technology and the types of services available onsite. Here are some of the new features you’ll find on Resolute’s wellness campus:

    1. Just 127 beds dedicated to acute care; leadership believes the focus on health and wellness will result in reduced demand for inpatient care—and smaller hospitals—as more patients are seen in lower-cost ambulatory settings.
    2. Green spaces host community events and encourage physical activity.
    3. 25,000-square-foot fitness center welcomes all members of the community to get fit and stay active.
    4. Retail shops promote healthy lifestyles through products and services.
    5. Restaurants offer healthy and tasty dining choices.
    6. Day spa focuses on healthy habits.
    7. BeneFIT program stores medical records, gives access to discounts, and offers rewards for healthy choices at local and national retailers and restaurants.

With these innovative approaches, Resolute is helping redefine the ways a hospital can improve a community’s overall wellness.

Challenges that sparked Resolute’s creation

Resolute Health was born from the realization that Americans aren’t getting what they want and need from today’s healthcare model. Resolute Health selected Sunrise Clinical ManagerTM and the dbMotion SolutionTM to power its vision for better health care.

In today’s healthcare model, insurers analyze claims data, but that information is not available to clinicians at the point of care. Claims analysis is retrospective and often delayed 60-90 days while claims are adjudicated.

Claims data is also limited in that it does not include detailed clinical information, nor does it inform what patients can and should do between visits. “We didn’t have a full broad picture of that person’s life,” said Bell. “If we’re going to be about wellness and population health, we needed a full picture.”

According to Bell, good data — which has volume, variety, velocity and veracity — is a key attribute of an effective clinically integrated delivery system. Resolute aims to reduce risk and improve health by managing clinical data in real time, and using it at the point of care and between patient encounters.

The future of health care must be Open

Bell closed with some thoughts about how an Open platform enables the future direction of health care:

“Watching where the trends are going within health care here in the United States…everyone is now going to an Open source platform. Wonder why? Because they need to bolt things on that they didn’t have to bolt on before.”

“We chose Allscripts because it gives us an Open platform as well as a single database solution for physician practices and hospital needs,” said Bell. “I wanted to create a foundation that…if I needed to move left or right, I could easily do it without going back to the EHR vendor for another million dollars to do it. I could actually build some of this myself.”

When re-imagining health care, visionaries must recognize the value of an Open platform. It’s the best foundation for comprehensive population health management, which is the future of health care.

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