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4 ways a pediatrics practice benefits from a hosted solution

Virdee Medical (Hornell, NY, U.S.A), a busy private pediatric practice, left paper charts behind when it implemented a hosted Allscripts solution in 2010. After migrating to hosted Allscripts Professional EHR and Allscripts Practice Management in 2013, the practice improved performance in many ways, as shared in a recent case study.

1)      No hassling with servers

“We live in a physician community and saw the challenges many of our colleagues had with servers,” said Maninder Virdee, practice manager at Virdee Medical. “They constantly had to upgrade. We just did not want that responsibility.”

2)      Helps meet regulatory requirements

“In the first year of having the solution, we have attested for Meaningful Use Stage 1,” said Virdee. “The hosted solution played a big part in that, especially the security risk analysis. It was much simpler than if I would have had my own server.”

3)      Secure access from anywhere

“My husband and I travel to England, and we can still access this data,” said Virdee. “Even in the event of a disaster, we could make a temporary office anywhere with an Internet connection and continue to do business.”

4)      More efficient billing process

Before having Allscripts solutions, Virdee Medical had outsourced its billing. Virdee estimates that the practice saves 15% in staff time on billing alone, compared with when they used paper charts. “And we’ve improved our financial results by at least 20% since we went to the integrated Professional EHR and Professional PM solutions.”

To learn more about Virdee Medical’s experience, read this case study or to find out more about hosted solutions, visit our website. “The efficiencies are amazing. I’ve never seen it so good in all the years we’ve been in private practice,” said Virdee. “Bottom line, Allscripts has a great product.”

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