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Building a more global acute solution

Allscripts released an updated version of our acute Electronic Health Record (EHR)*, Sunrise™ Version 14.1 this week. We made a lot of enhancements, especially to the ambulatory and emergency department pieces.

As Allscripts grows to meet the needs of the global healthcare market, people have asked me: What does Sunrise 14.1 do for clients outside the United States? It will bring new benefits to all of our clients – no matter where in the world they are.

Clinical needs are more similar than different

On the clinical side of Sunrise 14.1, we put a lot of effort into the ambulatory and emergency department capabilities. We relied heavily on client clinical advisory groups to shape these enhancements.

This release reflects an open development process, with more regular input from end users. We specifically sought input from clients both inside and outside the United States.

We’ve found that healthcare needs are pretty similar across the board.  Everyone is working to do things such as manage chronic disease, coordinate care, engage patients and lower costs.

Two features especially for clients outside the United States

That being said, there are some differences as to how each region approaches these goals. We designed Sunrise 14.1 with a couple of features that are of particular interest outside the United States:

Sunrise Access Manager – includes more support for requirements outside the United States, including Waitlists and Referral Management.  In several countries – such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada – care providers put patients who need other services on a Waitlist. Governments monitor these lists closely to make sure patients don’t wait too long for care, and Sunrise 14.1 better supports reporting capabilities for organizations.

Drug formulary databases – improves utilization of clinical decision support databases to help address the needs of markets in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Asia. Being able to rapidly integrate this content helps global healthcare organizations access updated drug information.

These capabilities, while developed for the international market initially, support the universal concepts of improved care coordination, access to real-time data at the point of care, and meeting regulatory requirements.

Flexible enough to stretch from the U.S.A. to South Australia

Here’s proof that we’re building an adaptable solution that works worldwide. In addition to helping clients manage clinical information, we also help them with financial data. We built Sunrise Financial Manager from scratch. It was the first new revenue cycle management solution on the market in quite a long time.

We initially built it to meet needs we saw in the United States. But our first client was in South Australia, proving that the system is flexible enough to adapt in different geographies.

As the Sunrise platform evolves, we’ll continue to build an adaptable solution to meet global healthcare needs.


* Editor’s Note: Electronic Health Record (EHR) is another term for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Patient Record (EPR), which is a more common term outside the United States.

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