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Best client stories of 2013

We regularly evaluate our blog posts to find out which stories resonate most with readers. It’s a mix of topics, but it’s clear that people enjoy reading about how our clients are improving health care.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 10 most-read, most-shared client stories in 2013:

1. Small steps lead to big PCMH score in Litchfield by Libby Moore

Speeding past the farm fields of central Illinois, USA, you’ll find the exit for Litchfield. The 7,000-person town is home to Litchfield Family Practice, an innovative rural health system that just achieved a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  It scored an impressive 97.5 out of a possible 100 points. In this video, the team at Litchfield Family Practice describes how it is advancing population health in a rural community. (Includes video)

2. How St. Luke’s used Wand to speed EHR rollout by Dana Woolley

St. Luke’s Physician Group (Bethlehem, Penn., USA) should be proud. It recently introduced a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to 80 primary care providers, and 78 of them were able to attest to Meaningful Use. Most impressively, they achieved it in less than six months. One of the keys to accomplishing this feat so quickly was rolling out the EHR along with Allscripts WandTM, according to St. Luke’s vice president of physician services, Linda Gately.

3. Compass Pediatrics masters migration from Allscripts MyWay to Allscripts Professional EHR by Cliff Meltzer

To meet the needs of an evolving healthcare industry, Allscripts announced a program last fall to migrate clients from Allscripts MyWay™ to Allscripts Professional EHR™.  Change is hard, but clients such as Compass Pediatrics (Odessa, Texas, USA) embraced the switch. And they’re reporting great results.

4. How Soundview Medical aced two Meaningful Use audits by Libby Moore

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) conducts audits to follow up on Meaningful Use (MU) incentive payments.  These audits can intimidate providers, even ones that have meticulous reporting habits. Soundview Medical Associates, a 22-physician, multi-specialty practice in Connecticut, USA, faced two consecutive MU audits for 2011 and 2012. The responsibility for completing them fell to the organization’s only IT person and executive director, Eileen Smith. (Includes video)

5. Diabetes clinic improves outcomes across patient population by David Harlan, MD

Diabetes is an epidemic. A study released by the Center for Disease Control notes that health IT is an essential component of chronic care models. Health IT can improve care coordination, advance self-management skills, and promote decision support. The UMass Memorial Health Care system (Worcester, Mass., USA) serves about 33,000 patients with diabetes. To help improve patient outcomes, and integrate care across our health care system, we’ve been using MyCareTeam™ Diabetes Management for Allscripts Enterprise EHR™.

6. 8 ways Blessing Hospital improved its financial performance by Ariana Nikitas

Our clients have great stories. I love hearing about their outcomes and how they achieved them. Readers on this blog and on ClientConnect have called for more of these accounts, too. We recently shared several strong client stories at our annual client conference, ACE. We highlighted a few with the Allscripts Client Awards.  Blessing Hospital (Quincy, Ill., USA) won a 2013 Client Award for excellent financial outcomes. (Includes video)

7. Early adopter tests electronic prescriptions for controlled substances by Rebecca Winokur

Dr. Azar Korbey, founder of the New Hampshire, USA-based family practice All Care Medical, is a technology trailblazer. He even programmed a patient-friendly website for his own practice. All Care Medical is home to six clinicians and a wide range of services under one roof, including an onsite lab and pharmacy. We’ve worked with Dr. Korbey many times to apply technology that helps improve patient care and efficiency for his office. One process that requires special attention is prescribing controlled substances.

8. Springhill Medical Center takes competitive lead with outsourced IT by Karl Greiter

A good partnership can help a hospital excel on the road to value-based healthcare. Since 2000 we’ve managed IT services for Springhill Medical Center, a privately held, independent hospital in Mobile, Ala., USA. It is also one of the most advanced users of the Allscripts Sunrise platform. The hospital recently received an award for outsourcing excellence. Springhill’s CEO, Jeff St. Clair, shared his views on our outsourcing partnership. (Includes video)

9. Improving primary care at SAMA Healthcare by Jim Brulé

A pilot program to improve primary care is showing signs of success at SAMA Healthcare, a family practice serving southern Arkansas, United States. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) selected SAMA as one of 497 practices to participate in its Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPCI). Funding from the program enabled SAMA to make several improvements, including new color-coordinated care teams.  (Includes video)

10. The three C’s of hospice care: compassion, coordination and customization by Martha Thorne

Hospice caregivers help people facing terminal illness by providing pain management and support tailored to individual needs and wishes. This model requires tremendous compassion, coordination and customization. We recently talked with two of our clients to learn more about how they use Allscripts HomecareTM to meet the unique demands of hospice care. (Includes video)

 What other types of stories would you like to see on the blog in 2014? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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