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10 signs of transformation in a home health agency

October 1, 2013 was an important milestone for privately owned home health agency, Health Resource Solutions (HRS) in Lombard, IL. With help from Allscripts HomecareTM, Allscripts Referral ManagementTM and Allscripts AllDocsTM, that was the day HRS officially went paperless.

It’s just one example of a recent transformation at HRS. In a new case study, owner Glenn Steigbigel shares some of the ways Allscripts solutions have helped improve his organization, including:

1. Better patient outcomes. 

Improved several clinical outcomes in one year, including patient fall risk assessments by 3% and pressure ulcer risk assessments by 5%.

2. More patients, less administrative cost.

HRS increased its daily patient census 25%, while reducing overall administrative cost by 2%.

3. Faster referral processing.

Automating referrals shortened HRS time spent on each referral from 2 hours to 30 minutes.

4. More complete assessments.

The task system helped clinicians standardize documentation and ensure completion of the whole assessment.

5. Better visibility to referrals.

Steigbigel appreciates being able to track a referral’s progress through the system at any time.

6. Improved access to information.

When HRS receives referrals, it can scan information — such as index histories, orders, labs and consent forms – and attach it to the patient record. Clinicians can access this data from the field.

7. Reduced staff turnover.

Paperwork previously anchored nurse supervisors to the office. Now, they can support nurses and therapists in the field, improving retention.

8. New relationships with other care programs.

HRS partners with local universities on pilot transition of care programs. Steigbigel credits Allscripts solutions with providing capabilities HRS needed to participate.

9. More accurate financial processes.

Automated billing rules and visibility into open collection notes makes it easier for HRS to track and collect revenue.

10. Better peace of mind.

“All those ‘fire drills’ we had before are a thing of the past,” said Steigbigel. “That type of improvement in all of our professional and personal lives is something I cannot put a price on.”

 To learn more about improvements at Health Resource Solutions, read this case study

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