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8 ways Blessing Hospital improved its financial performance

Our clients have great stories. I love hearing about their outcomes and how they achieved them. Readers on this blog and on ClientConnect have called for more of these accounts, too.

We recently shared several strong client stories at our annual client conference, ACE. We highlighted a few with the Allscripts Client Awards.  Blessing Hospital (Quincy, IL) won a 2013 Client Award for excellent financial outcomes.



Click here for a video about Blessing Hospital’s outcome

Ideas to simplify the hospital’s revenue cycle workflow

In 2010 Blessing Hospital began a two-year effort to transform its revenue cycle. By more tightly integrating clinical and financial data, Blessing wanted to improve its ability to deliver quality care in the face of increasing regulation and decreasing reimbursements.

A team shadowed staff and carefully documented ways in which Blessing could improve its financial processes. Blessing automated several tasks, including:

  1. Pre-populate registration data – Blessing used Medical Logic Modules (MLMs) to pre-populate fields and create alerts for more accurate registration. (Allscripts Sunrise Enterprise RegistrationTM)
  2. Schedule shared resources – Using MLMs, Blessing queries the surgery database to prevent conflicts with radiology procedures. (Allscripts Sunrise Enterprise SchedulingTM)
  3. Save physician steps to sign-off – Physicians can now sign charts from their office, instead of physically visiting the Health Information Management (HIM) office. (Allscripts Sunrise Record ManagerTM)
  4. Identify accounts that need further review – For patient financial services, Blessing can hold accounts meeting specific criteria. (Allscripts Sunrise Patient FinancialsTM)
  5. Balance work load – By establishing work queues, Blessing better manages its productivity. (Allscripts Sunrise Patient FinancialsTM)
  6. Improve data entry accuracy – Blessing routes billing edits to the originating department, enabling better accountability in data entry. (Allscripts Sunrise Patient FinancialsTM)
  7. Communicate between departments – Messaging features enable faster, more secure messaging between partnering departments.
  8. Collaborate on future designs – To review, test and approve future designs, Blessing started a committee that includes Patient Access, Patient Financial, HIM, Care Management and Compliance. Through this committee, departments can better understand how their processes affect one another.

These efficiencies are paying off. Since the system went live in October 2012, gross accounts receivable days decreased 23%, claim denials decreased 20% and days not final billed (DNFB) decreased 32%. Blessing Hospital significantly reduced its backlog in billing and improved its overall cash flow.

Thanks to Blessing Hospital for sharing its revenue cycle story with the Connected Community of HealthTM.

Are there steps you’ve taken to drive efficiency in financial processes in your organization? Please share them below.

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