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Why did you choose health care?

As we prepare for our annual client conference, ACE13, I’ve been on the road to meet with clients. A small team of us are gathering stories about how they are transforming health care. We can’t wait to share them.

Our clients are accomplishing amazing things. We will share examples about how they are leading population health managementbecoming successful Accountable Care Organizations and more.

The personal side of a professional journey

But there is one interview question that we asked clients to answer on a more personal level: Why did you choose health care?

I loved hearing the answers to these questions. They were human and inspiring.  I share just a few of them here:

“I had some upbringing in India and East Africa, where I could see the disparities in healthcare being received by patients. At that point in my high school level, I had this passion of how to be a participant in delivering quality health care to all.”
Parag Agnihotri, MD, Medical Director, Continuum of Care
Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center
San Diego, CA

“Healthcare chose me 28 years ago. My primary care physician of a three-man practice asked if I would come run his practice. I knew nothing about medicine, I was in the finance market. But I took the plunge, learned the new language of medicine, and have never looked back a moment.”
Pat Bickoff, Practice Manager
Litchfield Family Practice Center
Litchfield, Illinois

“As a practicing clinician, I’ll impact patients one at a time. As an informaticist, especially with big systems, the changes that we put in have a global impact. So we are able to have positive impacts on both our clinical colleagues as well as our patients — hundreds of thousands at a time — which is a huge satisfier for me.”
Yunus A. Moosa, MD
System Director, Physician Informatics
Baylor Health Care System

“To be honest with you, it’s partly an accident. I actually wanted to be in engineering. But very early in my childhood I realized that wasn’t in me. Then my mom’s medical conditions actually drove me into healthcare.”
Vinodhini Sriram, MD
Medical Director, Ambulatory Informatics
PIH Health

“I chose healthcare primarily because I was always interested in medicine and healthcare. I grew up in a family that had some physicians. I was always amazed by some of the stories… The reason they call it ‘practicing medicine’ is because you never perfect it. There’s always an opportunity to get better. There’s always an opportunity to do something that no one has ever done.”
Brent Steineckert, Director of EHR, HIM & Patient Access
Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center
San Diego, CA

It reminds me how fortunate we are to have dedicated, passionate people leading the transformation in health care.

Why did I choose health care?

Choosing a healthcare-related career is often personal. I learned when my mother passed away a few years ago that her cardiologist and oncologist did not have the same information, nor were they able to easily share data. I was amazed. That experience eventually led me to move into healthcare IT, where every day I see how technology improves patient care.

I encourage you to share your own responses in the comments below:  Why did you choose health care?


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