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Live from ACE13: Open App Challenge awards $600,000 to five finalists

Allscripts Open App Challenge reflects our commitment to innovation and belief that Open matters to the future of health care.  By sharing our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with developers, we invite others to work alongside us to make better tools to help deliver better care.

Simply put, healthcare IT is a team sport. (Click here to tweet this idea.)

We must “play well” together to solve the challenges in our industry today. No single company or developer will have the all the expertise our diverse field requires.

In March we announced the 15 companies receiving awards for Phase 1 of the Open App Challenge. Since then, we’ve been working on Phase 2, which focused on exceptional outcomes. Developers showed how their new apps helped our clients and the judging criteria weighed the outcomes and client feedback from the beta sites using these new applications.

Today at our annual client conference, ACE13, we announced the Open App Challenge Phase 2 winners. Here they are, along with some of the feedback from the field:


Grand Prize ($250,000) – Healthfinch 

RefillWizard, integrated with Allscripts Enterprise EHR, automates medication renewals. It applies evidence-based protocols to renewal requests, enabling a safer, more efficient approval process. Physicians can delegate simple refill requests and receive only more complex requests to review. A beta site using the app found potential medication errors in 16% of renewal requests.

“RefillWizard improved patient quality by ensuring that I have all the information I need at my fingertips when making a refill decision.”

Allison Foley, MD – St. Joseph Health, California


Second Place ($100,000) – ePREOP

ePREOP provides tools that help make sure patients get the right tests — and only the right tests to prepare for surgery. It helps with surgery scheduling and authorization, screening for high-risk conditions, and offers evidence-based preoperative testing guidelines. Allscripts has tested and approved its integration with Allscripts Enterprise EHR, and ePREOP now is working to integrate it with Allscripts Professional EHR.

“The benefits realized have been financial, clinical, and administrative. After using in trial, we have moved forward with a system wide contract in order to extend the benefits to all of our St. Joseph Health Heritage affiliates. “

Kevin Manneman, COO – St. Joseph Health Regional, California


Second Place ($100,000) – Keona Health

Keona is an app that helps caregivers effectively respond to medical phone calls. A physician will spend an estimated 250 hours every year answering these calls, and this time is not reimbursed. Using the app, patients ask health questions online and Keona’s automated interview can save time. In 27% of cases, Keona directed the patients to care they would not have selected for themselves.

Keona is striving to apply an innovative solution to a very costly part of office based practice-the patient calling in for advice. We are beginning to see evidence that their approach can improve response time, reduce cost, and increase patient and staff satisfaction. Their service has the potential of becoming the standard of care for phone triage in ambulatory care around the world.”

Dr. John Thorp, Division Director – UNC Women’s Primary Care


Third Place ($75,000) – Genelex

YouScript® evaluates overall adverse drug event risk, identifies at-risk patients, and recommends safer, more effective drug regimens. No other drug interaction software analyzes a patient’s genetic capacity to process drugs, even though genetics has a proven effect on treatment efficacy for many conditions: heart disease, chronic pain, depression, breast cancer and others.

“The YouScript – Allscripts integration would really allow some timely identification of useful drug-drug-gene interactions in a way that I haven’t seen anyone else do. With this type of integration with YouScript I think we can help the population of this community, in this county as a whole. I would expect to see reduced readmissions as a result of reduced side effects from identifying those who are at highest risk.”

Joseph Weidner, Jr. MD, FAAFP – Stone Run Family Medicine, Cecil County, MD


Third Place ($75,000) – eDoc4u

eDoc4u Captures patient health risk assessments and provides caregivers evidence-based reports, which they can review before or during patient visits. Patients receive measures of their disease risks, and personalized health programs (including videos and action plans). Providers can better identify care gaps, track patient progress and better interact with patients with automated messaging tools.

“I am able to query important information that in the past would have taken much longer to obtain and thus slow down the patient encounter process. I feel that Allscripts and eDoc4u have made me a more efficient and productive physician, while delivering the right tools to better engage with my patients.”

Christi Witherspoon, MD – Summit Medical Associates , Hermitage, TN


Congratulations to all the winners (Click here to tweet your congratulations.)

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