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Compass Pediatrics masters migration from Allscripts MyWay to Allscripts Professional EHR

To meet the needs of an evolving healthcare industry, Allscripts announced a program last fall to migrate clients from Allscripts MyWay™ to Allscripts Professional EHR™.  Change is hard, but clients such as Compass Pediatrics (Odessa, TX) embraced the switch. And they’re reporting great results.

Fear of the unknown was the hardest part

Compass began the upgrade with some anxiety. “We weren’t sure how big this change would be for our practice,” said Tamara Bavousett, nurse practitioner and owner. “We were concerned because we started the process in winter, which is a very busy time for our practice.”

They didn’t have time to slow down to learn a new system. The eight staff members at Compass had an additional challenge to manage, too. The April 1 “go-live” date for the migration landed in the same week as a previously scheduled move to a new location.

To continue serving the practice’s 4,200 patients, it was imperative to make the transition to a new system as smooth as possible.

Training key to a successful transition

Compass recognized the importance of training and took full advantage of opportunities, such as simulation and weekend trainings prior to launch. Throughout the transition, Compass connected with other Allscripts clients for support.

As billing administrator for Compass, Krista Hudson dug deeply into resources available on the Allscripts online client community, ClientConnect. “Sometimes I got the answer before I even knew I had the question.” Beginning on the “go live” date and for the next five business days, Hudson also participated in Open Support calls available for clients.

With so much preparation, “It was actually a pretty easy transition,” said Bavousett. Compass reduced the number of appointments for the first two weeks, and then returned to its full schedule of 40 patients every day.

Benefits for patients and staff outweigh transition challenges

The team at Compass believes Allscripts Professional EHR offers more capabilities than MyWay. Caregivers at Compass say their patients have already realized many benefits, including:

Improved patient education. Clinicians find it easier to share information with patients and their families. For example, Allscripts Professional EHR can track a patient’s preferred language to automatically print clinical summaries and patient information in that language.

More functional view of patient records. For providers, dashboards and a simpler interface now make it easy to get to the information they need.  There aren’t as many layers to the data as there were in MyWay.

Easier clinical customization. The nursing staff at Compass is excited about customization options. They can quickly review systems and create protocols in a fraction of the time.

Spending less time on billing. “There are many more capabilities with Pro that make billing so much easier,” said Hudson. “My billing time is cut in half, which is huge. I have more time to get other things done.” Reporting features also continue to come in handy.

Making progress towards Meaningful Use. Compass is working towards attaining Meaningful Use Stage 2 this year. Allscripts Professional EHR’s improved functionality makes it easier to monitor and make progress towards this goal.

While it’s not a perfect process, migrations to Allscripts Professional EHR can be smoother with a positive and proactive approach.

“The main thing is to go into it expecting a better solution, better productivity and better outcomes,” said Bavousett. “If you focus on the uncertainty or inconvenience, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

Thanks to the team at Compass Pediatrics for sharing its experiences. We hope it provides encouragement to other clients.

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